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4 Reasons You Should Use a USA VPN Today


How many people in the United States use a USA VPN when they go online?

Not enough, in our opinion. According to some research, as little as 5% of all Internet users in the country use a United States VPN when accessing the web. Since there are around 286 million online users in the US, that would amount to somewhere around 14 to 15 million VPN users.

“But why would I need a US VPN when I live in the United States? I already have access to all the content I could want!”

Yeah, about that…

1. Geo-Restrictions Are Actually Still an Issue

True, if you’re in the US, you get to enjoy the likes of Netflix US, Hulu, and Pandora at your leisure. But what happens when you decide to take a vacation abroad? You might not realize this, but you’ll actually have to part with your favorite US-only shows and websites until you get back.

Yes, even if you are paying for them! Netflix is so strict, in fact, that even if you download movies or shows to your device before leaving, you still won’t be able to watch them when you’re out of the US.

The same goes for those of you who are expats or serving in the military and are stationed abroad (well, to be fair, Hulu is a bit more understanding of the latter part at least). And all that because of annoying, vague “network and copyright regulations.”

But that’s not all. Sometimes, you might not even have access to your favorite entertainment when you’re in the US! Whether you’re in school, relaxing on campus, or at work on a break, the institution/workplace’s firewall or content control software might restrict access to your favorite content platform.

And this isn’t even the only reason you need to use a VPN for USA! The list goes on, and it only gets worse.

2. The Government Spies on You All the Time

2013 was the year that made it clear to people in the US that the the government spying on them wasn’t just some wild conspiracy theory – it was actually reality! Not only did it came to light that the NSA was monitoring people’s phone calls and online communications, it also become public knowledge that what they were doing was 100% legal.

US Surveillance

While those practices were supposed to die along with the 2008 FISA Amendment Act they were part of back in January, Congress did a full 180° on their promises at the start of 2018, and voted a bill that reauthorized the Act for 6 more years.

What does that mean for you?

That government surveillance agencies can once again freely monitor your online activity without needing a warrant. And they can even force ISPs and companies like Google and Facebook to hand over user data whenever they want to.

True, the legislation claims surveillance agencies can only collect info from “foreign targets.” But did you know it also specifies they are free to monitor US citizens if they are “suspected” of communicating with so-called “foreign targets”?

That pretty much means that if you were to talk with a friend of yours on the web, and you happen to mention the email address of someone who lives outside the US, an agency like the NSA could instantly record and store everything you say.

3. Your ISP Has It Out for You

And in more ways than one.

Tracking and Data Retention

For starters, your ISP can actually sell your browsing history (alongside other sensitive data) to third parties without needing your consent. As distopic as that sounds, it’s actually a reality in the US – and it has been since 2017.

So, you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re going to start seeing more and more “targeted” ads from now on. It’s not just Google’s invasive algorithms at work – it’s also your personal data (medical info, app usage history, web history, geo-location info, and much more) ending up in the hands of advertisers.

Moving on, just like the intelligence agencies for whom the words “privacy rights” don’t mean a thing, your ISP also likes to monitor your online activities. Yes, we know, they do it to “improve their services and offer you a better experience.” But given what you just learned about them selling your data to advertisers, would you really believe that?

Bandwidth Throttling

Lastly, if you’re unlucky enough, your ISP might throttle your bandwidth as well. Basically, that means they will closely monitor what you like to do the most online, and then slow down your Internet speed when you enjoy it a bit “too much.”

Playing Games

Something like that can really get in the way of your enjoyment – whether you’re watching your regular online videos, playing your daily DotA match, or streaming your favorite sports matches. Not to mention you might end up being forced to pay for a pricier subscription, or for bigger monthly bandwidth plans.

4. File-Sharing Can Land You in Jail

All the amazing online content and entertainment the US has to offer sometimes makes you feel like sharing it with your friends and enjoying together, right? Well, just be careful how you “share” it, cause doing it the “wrong” way can get you in trouble with the law!

If you engage in file-sharing, and are caught doing it, you risk receiving DMCA notices. But, there are also chances you might be taken to court, and end up having to pay fines of up to $150,000! And if that wasn’t enough, you might even get jail time if the authorities want to make an example out of you.

How would anyone know you partake in file-sharing? You can thank your ISP for that, naturally. Since they monitor what you do online and what you download, they can see if you take advantage of P2P files. And when that happens, they’ll hand over your web history to legal agencies and copyright holders.

Disclaimer: We here at CactusVPN don’t promote Internet piracy, we do not encourage the use of our services for the purpose of illegally downloading copyrighted content, and we wouldn’t want to be seen as a means of copyright circumvention!

But we do understand that – sometimes – file-sharing is the only way you might be able to get access to the entertainment or school materials you need. For some people, file-sharing might even be the only way they can access software they might need for a work project with a very tight deadline.

“Can an American VPN Really Help Me Out with All That?”

As a matter of fact, yes. In case you are not aware what a VPN is or how it works, just think of it as software that can create a private encrypted network over a public network – just for you. As long as you are connected to that private network, all your online traffic and data is routed through it and – consequently – become fully encrypted.

That’s not all, though. A USA VPN will also hide the origin of your Internet traffic. Essentially, that means your IP address is completely hidden, making you anonymous online.

How does that work?

Well, it’s as simple as logging into a VPN client, and connecting to VPN servers in the USA. The moment you do that, your real IP address will be replaced with the server’s IP address.

What that all means is that you will be able to:

  • Browse the web without having to worry about anyone keeping tabs on what you do – not the government, not your ISP, and not even cybercriminals!
  • Bypass geo-blocks or firewall restrictions that stand in the way of you and your entertainment.
  • Keep your private data safe from advertisers and hackers – even on public WiFi.
    Prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth in an attempt to make more money off of you.

Not Any US VPN Will Do, Though

To make sure you are 110% protected on the web, and that your digital freedom is not infringed on, you need the best USA VPN on the market. Finding and choosing such a VPN can be a bit tough cause it usually involves hours upon hours of research.

Fortunately, you’re in luck right now, as you already came across the most reliable and secure VPN service there is – CactusVPN!

CactusVPN – The Right USA VPN for the Job


Our VPN comes with 4 USA VPN server locations to choose from, all of them spread throughout the country:

Besides geo-location flexibility, CactusVPN will also provide you with the utmost security, making sure your personal data is not tampered with, and that your online traffic stays surveillance-free. Our industry-leading AES encryption can vouch for that.

Our VPN comes equipped with a Killswitch, making sure that all traffic is blocked the moment you lose your connection to our VPN servers.

All our servers offer unlimited bandwidth.

We offer 24/7 support AND a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

All in all, you’ve got nothing to worry about when connecting to the web with our high-end USA VPN. You let us handle the government’s intrusive policies, annoying firewalls and geo-blocks, and abusive ISPs, while you focus on getting the most out of your Internet experience.

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