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What Is IP Spoofing and How to Protect Yourself against It

If you’re just a normal internet user and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about how the internet works and how you can become a victim of hackers without even know it then you need to read this article to find out what is IP spoofing and how you are able to stop hackers from attacking you.

In case you are wondering what hackers could want with you and what harm they can do to you, you should know that if you are not careful every single thing you do online, everything that’s in your computer, all your personal and financial data, all of that can be replicated, used without your consent or even taken away from you. But let’s go from general hacking to what is IP spoofing.

What is IP Spoofing?

In short, it is a practice of hackers, spammers and scammers that can be used to get your personal and financial information or to con you.

It is a technique in which the attacker will create an Internet Protocol (IP) which has a fake source IP address as a header. The IP is spoofed with some fake information that can hide the identity of the sender or even help the hacker launch an attack that can harm you (blind spoofing, non-blind spoofing, DDOs, man in the middle etc).

Spoofing helps hide the attacker when he is committing cybercrimes like spamming or scamming. This way, even if the attack is discovered it would be really hard to trace it back to the person who has committed the cybercrime. This kind of attack can work on specific systems and even bigger infrastructures and can end up costing companies millions of dollars.

Understanding How IP Spoofing Works

The Internet Protocol is what is used for sending data over the internet or even a network. This data will be transmitted in the form of packets and these IP packets all have a header which has in it information.

The source IP address communicates with the receiving part and tells it where the data is coming from. But when the spoofing comes into the picture, the IP address will be a fake IP address.

How to protect yourself against it

While an internet user that doesn’t have a deep understanding of this kind of things might find everything complicated and think there’s nothing he / she can do to protect himself / herself, all is not lost. With some research and a bit of practice, you can learn how to protect yourself.

There are several ways in which you can go about this. It is up to you whether you feel confident enough in your skills to protect yourself alone or whether you need professional help.

If you want to go about this alone, here’s a couple of things you should consider.

  • You have to have a reliable Internet Service Provider. They have great infrastructure which not only makes your internet connection strong, but it can also prevent or fight against this type of internet attacks.
  • Further, you can configure the packet filtering on your router in order to block fake IP packets from routing through your network.
  • You can use TLS or HTTPS to encrypt the data packets and this way even if the hacker gains access to the network he won’t be able to modify the packets because they are encrypted.
  • You also have the option of using spoofing detection tools that are available online and detect anything suspicious.
  • A great solution might be to use a VPN services.

How CactusVPN Can Protect You against IP Spoofing Attacks

This is by far the best way to go because you don’t have to worry at all, it’s safe and it works, and you’re not required to do any work.

In order for IP spoofing to work, the attacker needs to be on the same network as you and the packets have to not be encrypted.

And this is where CactusVPN comes in. A VPN service is a great way to go about this because it can keep you safe with its state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Once you connect to a VPN all your data will be transmitted to the ISP through a sort of encrypted tunnel. This means that even if the attacker could somehow get to the packets, he won’t be able to alter them in any way since he can’t go past the encryption.


This concludes your simple guide to online security on what is IP spoofing. In short, the best way to stay safe online is to get a VPN connection going and you’ll never have to worry about anything and just browse the internet to your heart’s content.

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