Ubuntu – OpenVPN VPN Setup Tutorial

Go step-by-step through following instructions to set up CactusVPN OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu.

  1. Install network-manager-openvpn plugin:.

    • Open terminal: click to the Menu button and write “Terminal” (1) in order to access it.

      Ubuntu OpenVPN VPN Setup: Step 1

    • When the Terminal is accessed, put down the following:
      sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn (2)
      and press Enter

      Ubuntu OpenVPN VPN Setup: Step 2

    • You will be informed about the package installation and will be asked if you want to continue. Type Y (3) and press Enter to proceed.

      Ubuntu OpenVPN VPN Setup: Step 3

  2. Configure the OpenVPN connection:

    • Click Network Manager (4) > “VPN Connections” (5) > “Configure VPN” (6).

      Ubuntu OpenVPN VPN Setup: Step 4

    • In “Network Connections” window, select the “VPN” tab (7) and press the “Add” button (8). In the “Choose a VPN Connection Type” (9) window select “OpenVPN” and press the “Create…” button (10).

      Ubuntu OpenVPN VPN Setup: Step 5

    • Complete requested fields, using your data: the VPN server IP address (11) and your VPN account credentials (12). Download the ca.crt file for your package. Select the downloaded ca.crt file (13). Click on “Advanced” button (14).

      Ubuntu OpenVPN VPN Setup: Step 6

    • Use the 443 value for the “Use custom gateway port” field (15). Check the “Use a TAP device” checkbox (16).

      Ubuntu OpenVPN VPN Setup: Step 7

  3. Connect to your new OpenVPN connection from CactusVPN.
    Network Manager (17) > “VPN Connections” (18) > Your CactusVPN connection (19):

    Ubuntu OpenVPN VPN Setup: Step 8

PDF version of this tutorial

Posted on June 13th, 2012 in Setup
  • Rıfat Emrah ALTUNYA

    That is great! The trial has worked with Linux Mint precisely… I wish P2P/BitTorrent VPN prices were cheaper…

    • http://www.cactusvpn.com/ CactusVPN

      Until 31st of July you can use the promocode “greatnews” for a 50% discount on that package.

  • wayne23

    where is the fucking ca.crt file? no download link all i find is this freaking page with google.