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Can I Watch Amazon Prime Abroad?

can i watch amazon prime abroad

Amazon Prime sure has tons of amazing content. The Man in the High Castle, Downton Abbey, The Expanse – the list can go on and on.

But this begs the question – can I watch Amazon Prime abroad when I go on vacation or if I’m not from the US?

Well, not exactly. Here’s all you need to know about that (including how to unblock Amazon Prime outside US borders):

Is Using Amazon Prime Abroad Possible?

The service normally works worldwide with a few exceptions. However, you can encounter issues when trying to watch Amazon Prime video content.

Here’s the thing – according to Amazon, you can stream video content while abroad, but only “selected Amazon Original titles.” So not everything you want. 

What’s more, Amazon also makes it clear you’ll have access to “a reduced selection of Prime Video titles.”

So yeah, you can watch Amazon Prime abroad – but not all of it.

Why is that?

Likely because Amazon needs to respect copyright agreements, or they don’t want to pay licensing rights in every single country. So they just use geo-blocks to stop you from watching certain content if you’re not in the US.

How to Easily Get Access to Amazon Prime Overseas

Amazon prime can restrict your access with geo-restrictions because it knows your geo-location. It just analyzes the data packets when you send connection requests to the website, and it finds out what your current location is.

So, you obviously need to hide your geo-location if you want to enjoy your favorite content anywhere in the world.

Luckily, that’s not too hard to do. In fact, here are three simple ways to do it:

1. Use a Smart DNS 

Smart DNS is an online service that hides your geo-location by masking your real DNS address. Not many people know this, but the DNS address can actually reveal geo-location data. What’s more, the service also uses proxy servers around the world to route your traffic – specifically US servers in this case.

And that’s not all. A Smart DNS will intercept all your connection requests to Amazon’s platform. Once it does that, it strips any information from them that can leak your geo-location. Afterwards, it adds new data that points to a whitelisted region (the US).

2. Use a VPN

VPNs are online services that hide your IP address. That’s exactly what you need to unblock Amazon Prime overseas. Don’t forget – your real IP address can actually leak geo-location data like:

  • What country you are from.
  • What city you are from.
  • Your ZIP code.

So plenty of info that lets Amazon Prime know it needs to restrict your access.

How do you use a VPN to unblock all the content you want? Just connect to a US server, and you’re good to go – it will automatically replace your IP address with its own address when the connection is established.

On top of that, a VPN also encrypts your traffic to hide your browsing activities from ISPs, government surveillance agencies, and network admins. 

3. Use a Proxy Server

A proxy server works just like a VPN in this case – it hides your IP address to help you bypass geo-restrictions. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: the server will act as a middleman between you and Amazon Prime. It will intercept your connection requests, hide your IP address, and forward them to the website on your behalf.

Besides that, the proxy will also save requested web pages on its local cache. If you’ll request saved content, it will deliver it faster to you. So you’ll basically get quicker load times.

What’s the Best Way to Enjoy Amazon Prime Overseas?

It’s really up to you. We can’t exactly recommend one service over the other since we don’t know what your personal preferences are.

However, wee can offer you a quick overview of each service so that you’ll have an easier time making a decision:

  • VPNs can help you get around firewalls and geo-blocks, and they can also prevent bandwidth throttling since they encrypt your traffic. On top of that, they offer a lot of privacy. But they can lower your online speeds if you use a resource-intensive protocol like OpenVPN.
  • Like VPNs, proxies help you bypass firewalls and geo-blocks. But they don’t offer the same level of security, so you might experience bandwidth throttling + network admins will see you circumventing firewalls. Also, proxy servers tend to be overcrowded, and the saved content on the local cache can be outdated.
  • Smart DNS services don’t offer any encryption, so you don’t get security but you can enjoy your original ISP speeds. Because of that, though, your ISP can throttle your bandwidth. And these services don’t hide your IP address, so you can’t bypass firewalls.

If you’re still having trouble picking an unblocking method, here’s a better idea – why not get a service that gives you access to all of them? That way, you’ll always have an option to fall back on if one service doesn’t work well for you.

Enjoy Amazon Prime Video Outside US Borders With CactusVPN

CactusVPN has a high-speed VPN with military-grade encryption, lightweight protocols, and US servers with unlimited bandwidth. Also, all our VPN servers double as proxies – and you can use them at no extra cost.

And we also offer a Smart DNS that can give you instant access to Amazon Prime, and 300+ other websites from around the world.

Best of all – we have user-friendly apps that work on the most popular platforms.

Can I Watch Amazon Prime UK Abroad With CactusVPN?

Sure thing. Besides giving you access to Amazon Prime US, we also unblock Amazon Prime UK. Just pick the UK as a website region under the Smart DNS tab in our app and enable Smart DNS.

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Can I Watch Amazon Prime Abroad? The Bottom Line

While Amazon Prime has a lot of great entertainment on display, you can’t watch everything you want if you’re not from the US. You’ll actually have to put up with a limited selection.Don’t worry, though – you can bypass those geo-blocks with a VPN, a Smart DNS, or a proxy. Better yet, use a service like ours that gives you access to all those options. And before you ask – yep, CactusVPN also unblocks Amazon Prime UK.

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