How to Watch Hotstar Outside India

Feeling down because you can’t enjoy the latest hit shows on Disney Hotstar outside India? No problem - we’ll show you how to watch Hotstar outside India in 3 easy steps.
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How to Watch Hotstar Outside India

Watch Hotstar in USA in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

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Step 3

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Frequently asked questions

Yes and no. Things are a bit tricky, actually.

Here’s the thing – Hotstar isn’t a stand-alone website. It has different versions in different countries (think of how Netflix works).

For example, the site works in the US, the UK, Canada, and Singapore under the title Hotstar. However, there’s also Disney+ Hotstar which is only available in India and Indonesia.

The Indian Disney+ Hotstar is the highlight since it has the most content – hundreds of Indian titles + Disney Plus originals and all Disney movies (available in local languages: Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu).

Unfortunately, if you try to visit the Indian library from other countries, you’ll get a message telling you the videos aren’t available in your area.

Hotstar not available in US

Yes, even if you’re from Indonesia. You’ll just end up on the Indonesian content library.

And if you’re from the EU, you’ll get this special message:

Hotstar comming soon to Europe

If you see this message, it apparently means Hotstar caught you using an unblocker (VPN, proxy, Smart DNS).

To get rid of it, they recommend disabling the unblocking tool. Obviously, that’s not in your best interest. So here’s what you can try instead:

  • Clear your browser’s cookies and cache.
  • Use a different web browser.
  • Use your browser’s incognito/private mode.
  • Restart the Smart DNS/VPN app.
  • Connect to a different Smart DNS/VPN server.

If nothing works, contact the support team. They should be able to help you out.

A Smart DNS hides your geo-location, but it does it differently than a VPN. Instead of hiding your IP, it tweaks your DNS queries to make sure there’s no data that could be linked to the country where you’re from.

These services also change your DNS address (so that you’re not using your ISP’s DNS server), and send your traffic through proxy servers in countries where Hotstar (or any other site you want to unblock) is available.

Unlike VPNs, Smart DNS services don’t encrypt your traffic. Many people like that, however, since it means their streaming speeds won’t slow down.

If you want to unblock Hotstar today, you can use CactusVPN. We offer a three-in-one solution: VPN, proxy, and Smart DNS.

Our Smart DNS lets you instantly unblock Hotstar. And if you ever get bored of it, there are 10 other Indian websites (Voot, Zee5, etc) and 340+ other websites to have fun with.

VPNs are online services that hide your geo-location by stopping sites from seeing your IP address. They do that by routing your traffic through a VPN server that sits between you and the sites you visit.

With Hotstar, you’d use an Indian VPN server to hide your IP address. When you visit the site, it’ll only see the VPN’s IP. Since it’s an Indian address, it will whitelist your access.

One cool perk of using a VPN is that you can get rid of bandwidth throttling. The service encrypts your traffic, so your ISP won’t know what you’re doing online anymore.