How to Watch Voot in USA

Feeling down because you can’t enjoy the latest hit shows on Voot outside India? No problem - we’ll show you how to watch Voot in USA in 3 easy steps.
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How to Watch Voot in USA

Watch Voot in USA in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Sign up for CactusVPN.

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Step 2

Download the CactusVPN app.

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Step 3

Enable Smart DNS.

That’s it – head to Voot
and have fun!

On what devices can I
watch Hotstar with CactusVPN?

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Apple TV

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Frequently asked questions

No. As far as we know, this streaming platform is only available in India. If you visit it from other countries, you’ll get a variation of a geo-blocking message (something like “sorry, this content isn’t available in your area”).

When we accessed Voot outside India, we just got a blank page with a simple Not Found error message.

Basically, when you visit the site, Voot will see your IP address. That’s all it needs to know what country you are from. If your IP is from the US and not India, the site will automatically trigger the geo-blocking error.

Voot is free, but it also has a paid subscription (Voot Select), which it introduced in February 2020.

With a paid account, you’ll have access to Voot Originals. Also, you’ll get access to new episodes of some shows a day earlier.

A Smart DNS unblocks Voot by hiding your geo-location from the site. To achieve that, it does the following:

  • It intercepts and changes your DNS queries, making sure they don’t reveal what country you are from.
  • It edits your DNS settings, ensuring you’re using a different DNS server instead of your ISP’s server (so that your geo-location isn’t leaked).
  • Lastly, it sends your traffic through different proxy servers that are located in India (to further convince Voot you’re actually there).

With our VPN, you can use a high-speed Indian server with unlimited bandwidth to try and unblock Voot in the US. You can also protect your privacy and stop bandwidth throttling with powerful encryption, and enjoy smooth speeds with speedy protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.

And with our Smart DNS, you get instant access to Voot – as well as 340+ other sites from around the world! And yes, that includes platforms like Hotstar and ZEE5.

A VPN is an unblocking tool that stops sites from seeing your geo-location. To do that, it hides your IP address by routing your traffic through a VPN server which sits between you and Voot. Basically, your connection looks like this:

You → VPN Server → Voot

Because your traffic takes that path, Voot will associate it with the VPN’s IP. As long as you’re using an Indian VPN server, you’ll be able to unblock Voot outside India.