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How to set up SoftEther VPN on Windows

In this tutorial we will show you how to set up SoftEther on Windows but first let’s see what are our requirements and recommendations.


In order to set up the SoftEther you will need:

  1. A CactusVPN account. If you don’t have one you can try our services for free.
  2. Your VPN username, password and VPN server address. You can find them in your account on our website, by going to Settings.


If you still want to set up SoftEther VPN manually, go step-by-step through following instructions:

SoftEther Setup Instructions

SoftEther VPN on Windows works with a the SoftEther app.

Download SoftEther VPN client for Windows.

  1. Start Installation.
  2. Click “Next” (1).SoftEther Setup: Step 1
  3. Choose “SoftEther VPN Client” (2) and click “Next” (3).SoftEther Setup: Step 2
  4. To continue install SoftEther VPN on Windows check “I agree to the end user License Agreement” (4) box and click “Next” (5).SoftEther Setup: Step 3
  5. On the “Important notice” screen click “Next” (6).SoftEther Setup: Step 4
  6. Choose the directory to install the software and click “Next” (7).SoftEther Setup: Step 5
  7. Click “Next” (8). The Installation process will start.SoftEther Setup: Step 6
  8. After the installation process is finished click “Finish” (9).SoftEther Setup: Step 7
  9. Launch the SoftEther VPN Client Manager.
  10. In the main screen click “Add VPN connection” (10).SoftEther Setup: Step 8
  11. A message box will appear asking if you want to create a Virtual Network Adapter. Click “Yes” (11).SoftEther Setup: Step 9
  12. In the “New VPN Connection Setting Properties” window enter the following parameters:Setting Name type (12): CactusVPN (or any other name you want).

    Host Name (13): Add IP address of the desired server (You can find all the available servers in Settings -> VPN Servers in your account on our website).

    Port Number (14): 443 (you can also use port 992, 1194, or 5555).

    Virtual Hub Name (15): Select cactusvpn from drop down menu.

    Auth Type (16): Select Radius or NT Domain Authentication.

    Username (17): VPN username.

    Password (18): VPN password.

    You can find them in your account on our website, by going to Settings -> VPN Username & Password. Make sure you use your VPN username and password and NOT the website account credentials (What is the difference?).

    Click “OK” (19) to create a VPN connection.

    SoftEther Setup: Step 10

  13. To connect to VPN right click on your VPN connection and click “Connect” (20).SoftEther Setup: Step 11
  14. To disconnect SoftEther VPN on Windows right click on your VPN connection and click “Disconnect” (21).SoftEther Setup: Step 12

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