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List of restricted websites to everyone other than US citizens

List of restricted websites to everyone other than US citizens

It’s good to know that when you travel or when you move to another country that you could still have access to the websites that you used to or to the greatest and biggest websites on the internet. US only websites are some of the most popular online resources that offer some great, well produced content. In the same time there are a lot of restricted websites in the USA.

Whether you want to watch a TV show or you want to listen to your favourite local radio stations, whether you want to visit the websites you are interested in or to explore new ones you will need access to many US websites. You can do that by unblocking restricted sites. Though you may not be in the US, it doesn’t have to stop you from visiting the websites you have been for years.

Unblocking restricted websites is something indispensable while being out of the country especially when you want to satisfy your browsing needs. For instance HBO GO: this website works on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. It gives you a lot of services and allows you to watch some high end content. But if you intend to use it outside of US you’ll surely need to unblock it. HBO GO is one of the restricted websites that is not available in many countries.

Another example that reminds us of restricted websites is VEVO which is available only in 11 countries in the world. The solution for the rest of the world is unblocking restricted websites. Another one is best or most-well-known Hulu, which is an online video service that offers a selection of hit shows, clips, movies and more. In order to easily visit such websites and not see the message “The page you are looking for is not available in your region” anymore, you will unblock it right from where you are.

Smart DNS can help unblock websites previously only available in the US, it does this by spoofing your location making you appear as though you are accessing from the US. It doesn’t affect internet speed and it is very simple to set up.

Another way to unblock US sites is through VPN, a virtual private network that extends a private network across the internet providing you a safe and confidential browsing all over the world without any limitations.

These are just few of many examples of sites blocked to users outside the US, or rather of websites that don’t show their content to other than US IP users.

We thought that this information could be useful for media devourers and for many of those who are just internet users and want to find out more about restricted sites and unblocking them. The list below is just a selection of the US websites we currently unblock.

List of restricted websites we unblock


  1. Hulu
  2. Crackle
  3. Amazon Instant Video
  4. Crunchyroll
  5. NFL GamePass
  6. CNNgo
  7. ABC
  8. ABC Family
  9. ABC News
  10. HBO GO
  11. HBO Now
  12. CBS
  13. CBS News
  14. CBS Sports
  15. NBC
  16. FOX
  17. MTV
  18. Cartoon Network
  19. Food Network
  20. Disney
  21. PBS
  22. PBS Kids
  23. USA Network
  24. USA Network Now
  25. Lifetime
  26. CinemaNow
  27. Bravo TV
  28. CWTV
  29. FX Networks
  30. HGTV
  31. TV Land
  32. Vudu
  33. Showtime
  34. Showtime Anytime
  35. Comedy Central
  36. SyFy
  37. SyFy Now
  38. TNT Drama
  40. WBTV
  41. Oxygen
  42. ZUUS
  43. Texture
  44. Drama Fever
  45. Yahoo Screen
  46. VH1
  47. Disney Junior
  48. Disney XD
  49. Telemundo
  50. Viki
  51. FYI Network
  52. A&E
  53. Oprah
  54. Xfinity TV Go
  55. Max Go
  56. Utopia on FOX
  57. Ondemandkorea
  58. Smithsonian
  59. History
  60. tbs
  61. TCM – Turnet Clasic Movies
  62. MundoFOX
  63. FUNimation
  64. Klowd TV
  65. Nick
  66. TeenNick
  67. Nick Jr
  68. Sprout
  69. Spike
  70. MGO
  71. DirecTV
  72. Pluto TV
  73. LogoTV
  74. Fandor
  75. Popcornflix
  76. ShoutFactoryTV
  77. USTVnow
  78. TruTV
  79. Shudder
  80. National Geografic
  81. CNBC
  82. AMC
  83. Simpsons World
  84. Adult Swim
  85. SoompiTV
  86. EPIX
  87. Time Warner Cable


  1. Vevo
  2. Rhapsody
  3. Spotify
  4. Pandora
  5. Slacker
  6. Samsung Milk Music
  8. CMT – Country Music Television
  9. Playlist
  10. iHeart


  1. Eurosport
  2. Tennis Channel Everywhere
  3. NBC Sports
  4. PGA Tour Live
  5. Golf Channel
  6. Sling TV
  7. FOX Sports
  8. NCAA March Madness
  9. FOX Soccer 2Go
  10. ESPN
  11. WWE
  12. NHL Vault

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