How to watch UK TV in Spain

Watch UK TV in SpainThe discontinuation of UK television in Spain and a few other countries in Europe was a big blow to the viewers there. English speaking audiences in these countries had freely enjoyed the services for a number of years. However, in February 2014 the executioner’s axe struck. UK TV implemented a spot beam, which restricted the broadcast to regions within the UK. Avid viewers elsewhere, including Spain, were left high and dry.

If you were among those affected and are looking for a solution, here’s some good news for you.

SoftEther – a new VPN protocol available at CactusVPN

SoftEther VPN ProtocolAll of you are familiar with the 4 VPN protocols – PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP. Most of VPN providers usually offers only two of them and only at the best VPN providers you can find all four of them. Of course, CactusVPN had them all from the very beginning and permanently tuned them to give you the best VPN experience.

Well, today we have great news. We present SoftEther – a brand new VPN Protocol!

Easter Discount from CactusVPN

Update! April 24, 2014. This promotion has ended.

easter-vpn-discountsYou might not celebrate Easter, don’t like lamb or Easter Bunny, but most probably you love discounts. And we love them too. That is why we use every occasion to spoil you with an old good sale for our services. So whatever you are doing on next Sunday you have a great chance to order any our services with a discount.

The VPN and Smart DNS discount is available for all billing cycles. So let’s say for yearly billing cycle you’ll have a total of 65% discount: 35% for this billing cycle standard discount and additional 30 from Easter promotion.

CactusVPN is not Affected by Heartbleed Vulnerability

heartbleedHeartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability for OpenSSL cryptography. There were a lot of buzz about it lately and some companies even were affected by it. This created concerns among internet users, especially people who use VPN. But there is a treatment for this security bug and we have applied it in the very first days since the information about it became public. So CactusVPN clients should have no worries. More than that we have verified if in the last couple of years were attempts to use this bug to compromise our users’ integrity and we want to assure you there were no such endeavors.

VPN and Smart DNS Giveaway April 2014

Update! April 17, 2014. This giveaway has ended. The winners are announced.

giveawayYou don’t feel safe while browsing the Internet? Or maybe you wanted to watch the opening episode of the 4th season of Games of Thrones on HBO but you couldn’t because you are not in US at the moment? We have the best answer for both of these questions: use CactusVPN services.

Not only we make your Internet connection more safe and unblock sites like Netflix, HBO or BBC. We also offer a lot of other bonuses like: downloading torrents safely on our NL servers and making your online presence incognito. And all this you can have starting 3.25$/month. But we have even a better news for you: today starts our next VPN and Smart DNS Giveaway.

Unblock The Pirate Bay in Saudi Arabia

Unblock The Pirate Bay in Saudi ArabiaBlocking torrent sites, especially The Pirate Bay (TPB) became a common practice for governments in many countries. Starting April 2nd 2014, Saudi Arabia blocked The Pirate Bay as well. There were no prior warnings or any explanation, they just blocked it.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this restriction. And we can provide it to you. All you have to do is to connect to one of our VPN servers situated in Netherlands and you can download torrents again.

Use VPN to get over Turkey’s Twitter and YouTube ban

Unblock Twitter in TurkeyFirst the Turkish government banned the social networking site Twitter within its borders. This was because of the corruption allegations made on Twitter against the government. Now it has gone ahead and banned YouTube as well.

At the same time reported an increase in the number of VPN downloads by iPhone and Android device users by over 33% soon after the ban. Do you see the correlation? Let’s take a look at what are VPNs and how they can help you get around such imposed bans and controls.

VPN and Smart DNS Giveaway (February 26th – March 4th)

Update! March 4, 2014. This giveaway has ended. The winners are announced.

giveawayWinter is almost gone and we decided to make the last giveaway for 2013/2014 cold season. As always, rules are really simple, just like this image on Facebook and you will have a chance to win the best tool to hide IP and unblock media websites from all over the world.

Avoid Verizon and AT & T Network Throttling

Avoid network throttlingWith the fall of net neutrality in the U.S., it seems that the ISP Verizon has apparently decided to throttle traffic to Netflix. This comes in as a sharp contrast to Comcast’s claim that they would not throttle any web sites in the wake of the net neutrality ruling in January.

Valentine’s Day VPN discount

Update! February 16, 2014. This promotion has ended.

Valentines 2014 PromotionLove is the most beautiful feeling a human being could have. And we don’t need a specific day to show that love each other. But because someone invented this day we’d like to make a surprise for all of our visitors which we love and care. Everyone who wants to subscribe to our VPN or Smart DNS service will have in the following 2 days a 30% discount for first billing cycle of any package you choose.

Watch Winter Olympics with CactusVPN

Winter OlympicsOlympics are one of the world’s most popular sport contests. This is truly a global event and every country has its athletes to compete there. But not all countries have a good coverage of it and not all commentators are the same. Maybe the best option to watch Olympics would be a Russian TV because they are hosts. But not many of you speak Russian. So the best choice for you would be an English speaking TV with great tradition in broadcasting this kind of events. And the choice is obvious: BBC!

Why is content Geo-blocked or Geo-gated in the First Place?

smart-dnsImagine that a loved one has decided as a present to give to you the gift that keeps on giving. Yes we are talking about a digital media device. Perhaps it is a computer, a tablet, or maybe they want to pay for your internet access. The world of entertainment is at your fingertips. All of your favorite shows that you watch on television anywhere in the world, you can now watch anytime you want. However we know that it’s not quite that easy.

Another scenario. Perhaps you are a U.S.- or GB-based business traveler who has an account for perhaps Netflix, Hulu or iTunes. You are used to watching shows that you missed when you have to travel around the country. However, when you leave the country for Japan or Australia, you get the dreaded message: “The requested video cannot be displayed in your region”. Frustrating isn’t it?

How you can bypass Transparent DNS proxy

Smart-DNSI think you noticed lately more and more control and unwanted care from Internet Service Providers. Some of them started to use Transparent DNS proxy technology. It gives some advantages to ISP and make easier for them to change some particular settings for all their clients. But among that the technology has one major “side effect” that is a big problem for a lot of people. And the problem is that Transparent DNS proxy makes the Smart DNS technology useless. This happens because the provider intercepts all DNS lookup requests and forces you to use their DNS addresses even if you’ve set a different pair of DNS values.

Encrypt VoIP traffic with VPN

Encrypt VoIPIn today’s digital age, the barriers that once kept entrepreneurs from competing with multinational companies have all but vanished. Long gone are the days where first-class resources were only available to blue-chip multinationals. In the 21st century any entrepreneur with a strong vision, ambition and the determination to realize their goals can compete and grow their enterprise by means of the internet. Financing for resources is possible by crowd-funding, infrastructure can be outsourced to cloud service providers, data and information can be gained without leaving your home, and secure communication over the internet can be provided by a VPN service such as CactusVPN.

BitTorrent is directly affected by the Net Neutrality Ruling

vpn-popularityFor the rest of the world, the news out the the D.C. Court of Appeals that net neutrality is unconstitutional, doesn’t change very much in regards to internet usage. However, considering that file sharing maverick BitTorrent is directly affected by the net neutrality ruling, U.S. Internet users may see some changes. Of course, the San Francisco-based company has been in the cross-hairs of copyright-holders and ISPs, or internet service providers, for a while. There are however some indications that internet censorship efforts are having the opposite effect.

Change of Los Angeles VPN Server

usaWe declared January the month of VPN servers optimization. We have done that for our Netherlands servers and now is time for US servers.

Some of you could not use Google search properly while connected to our Los Angeles VPN Server. If you received a message like this then you had the same issue:

“We’re sorry, but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now. See Google Help for more information.”

Added new server in Netherlands

P2P VPNLast week we changed the old Amsterdam server to a new one. This made the speed higher for most of our users. Unfortunately the new server does not have great connection with all our clients and some of them had some speed problems. “Most users are happy” is not enough for us! If we can we try to make ALL of them happy. That is why we ordered a new 1 Gbit NL VPN server. We hope this will make downloading torrents fast for everyone.

If you use our software you can see the new server in the list with the name “Amsterdam4”. If you set up a manual connection you can add the new server using the instructions from our tutorials. The IP of the new server can be found in Client Area -> Package details.

VPN ads privacy in online games

VPN for online gamesIn an age when the United States government seemingly has spies everywhere, from physical locations overseas to offices where agents are tapped into millions of phone logs across the country, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that National Security Agency (NSA) employees are infiltrating online gaming communities in search of the boogey man.

More about torrents downloading via VPN

torrent VPNEvery since Napster shook up the world of media distribution in the early part of this century, there has been an endless cat and mouse game between distributors and consumers. It has become especially difficult to download torrents in the US. Personal VPN is for those individuals who want to have access to geo-restricted content such as YouTube restricted videos, Hulu, BBC content or Netflix. The last several years have seen the rise of torrent downloads which allow users to share files with one another by means of a simple file. Of course, governments and companies have enlisted the assistance of ISP’s to thwart file-sharing, and even hackers have made file-sharing quite dangerous for your digital data. The best way to go about remaining anonymous and protecting yourself is by using a VPN that allows torrents downloading.

US, UK, NL VPN giveaway (January 10th – 17th)

Update! January 18, 2014. This giveaway has ended. The winners are announced.

giveawayA new year is like a new life… or not. The fact is that at the start of each year everyone tries to be better, healthier, wealthier, smarter and so on. We are not an exception. From the start of the year we added some new servers, unblocked new websites for our Smart DNS technology, made a lot of improvement to our system and have a lot of plans for the future.

New UK and NL servers

New UK and NL serversA new year comes with new great news – we have added new servers in UK and Netherlands. As you already know we don’t work to have more servers, but we work a lot to give you the best VPN experience. That is why we have a small number of servers, but they work perfectly for almost all of you. Our network analysts said we have to add some more VPN servers to make your life easier and we’ve done it.

Play games without restriction with VPN

Play games without restriction with VPNAre you an avid gamer with many gamer friends? Are you looking for an easy way to play private games on a simulated local area network (LAN)? If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then come closer! You are very welcome to this post because what we are going to do is show you what will make your access unrestricted and will allow you to unblock online games without hindrance.

Smart DNS added to CactusVPN Mac OS version

CactusVPN Software MACYou wanted, we promised and now you have it! We have added the Smart DNS service to our software for Mac OS. All the apple fans and users can benefit now from this helpful update. It’s easy to use and as always it’s good looking.

CactusVPN Christmas Discounts

Update! January 1, 2014. This promotion has ended.

Christmas VPN DiscountsHo-Ho-Ho! Are you ready for the Christmas? Did you buy presents for your friends and family already? Hope you like to make presents to your beloved ones as I do. And because I care about all of the readers of this post I want to make a present for you.

A mind blowing, up to 55% discount for VPN and Smart DNS services. Yes you read it right: you can buy a VPN package for less than a half of it’s cost. You can see all the prices on our VPN order page and Smart DNS order page.

CactusVPN software embeds Smart DNS

CactusVPN Software Smart DNSCactusVPN always was one of the most innovative VPN providers. Our software not only has one of the best looking designs, but is also gifted with unique features. Today we are happy to present you our latest update.
We have added Smart DNS service to our software! So anybody who have Smart DNS or US, UK, NL VPN + Smart DNS package can use this wonderful technology right from our software without making any manual setup. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s nice looking!

Thanksgiving and Black Friday discount: 30% OFF for VPN

Update! December 3, 2013. This promotion has ended.

ThanksgivingI bet you love Holidays. Everybody loves them. And your beloved Cactus is not an exception. And one of the best Holiday seasons starts today, because Thanksgiving is the first step to Christmas and the right time to start buying presents. Actually that’s why Black Fridays was invented: to make this process not only pleasant, but less disturbing for your wallet as well.

US, UK, NL VPN giveaway (November 20th – 26th)

Update! November 27, 2013. This giveaway has ended. The winners are announced.

giveawayAnother month – another giveaway. This tradition is as good as brunch on Sundays or a nap when you a tired :) We start our next giveaway.

As always, with no effort and with a lot of fun you can participate at it starting now and until the 26th of November. No big deal to do, but a great chance to win one of 10 US, UK, NL VPN + Smart DNS packages for free for 3 months. We’ll choose the winners random from all the participants.

New P2P VPN server in Netherlands

P2P VPNGetting better for our clients is our day by day mantra. And we are happy to announce you about the improvements we did lately.

New VPN server that accepts torrent downloading

We proudly launched our third server in Amsterdam. Unlike other providers we don’t wait for the servers to be overloaded. We launch a new server when it hardly reaches 50% of its capacities. Because of this, there is no way you’ll get a poor connection speed because the server is overbusy. Like other servers, you can use the new server for torrents downloading. On this server we installed PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols, so you can test them all and find the one that match your needs the best.

Top 5 benefits using a VPN

VPNThere are a lot of advantages that give multiple reasons to purchase a VPN service. We came up with the idea to list few important reasons why VPN service should be used. From privacy to accessibility – you can have it all by choosing a VPN service. The are plenty of benefits you can have with this service and wouldn’t be easier to highlight them so the decision you make when purchasing it to be reasonable, firm and irreversible. Because there are so many purposes this service can be used for, VPN is known as the most popular and secure method to keep privacy ensured. But this is not the only one benefit that VPN comes with. Choosing VPN services you get yourself actuality, privacy and comfort.

Halloween VPN discount

Update! November 2, 2013. This promotion has ended.

Halloween VPN DiscountWhat can be better than a Holiday? Right, a Holiday with presents! I think Halloween should be official day of all VPN users. And that’s why…
Like Halloween, the VPN keep you in disguise. And, if in offline they just can’t see your face, in online no one can find your real IP address. Also like on All Saints Day you have a lot of fun, parties and discussions with neighbors or friends. And one of the most important: “Trick or treat?” will give you candies on real life and great VPN discounts in online!

Free VPN + Smart DNS Giveaway (October 8th – 15th)

Update! October 16, 2013. This giveaway has ended. The winners are announced.

Free UK VPNDo you love our giveaways? I’m sure you do! And that’s why another giveaway starts right now! You have a good chance to win our US, UK, NL VPN + Smart DNS package absolutely for free for 3 months. And all you have to do is to participate on our VPN Giveaway. We’ll chose randomly 10 lucky winners among all the participants.

Big Brother is Watching You

VPNWe decided to tell you a little bit about the Big Brother that is watching us while we work, browse, study, entertain ourselves – in less words – spend time in the world of Internet. Let’s see who can “watch us”, how can we prevent that and what would be the best solution to relax and show the finger to those who want to control us and our personal information.

Boost online privacy with VPN

Torrents VPNNowadays privacy is everything. When everybody wants to have everything personalized, to be secured, to be more confidential and individual, the need of privacy itself, or better said the privacy demand is getting bigger. With the development of information technologies, we have become a little bit vulnerable from the privacy perspective. But on the other hand, we live the times when practically everything can be done online, can be done through Internet. In this case we seriously have to think about it, our safety is under risk. No doubt we need to combat it or take precautions.

Unblock both US and UK Netflix

netflix-uk-usMany of you know that Netflix has a slightly different content in every country it is presented. Sometimes there is more or less content on each Netflix region. UK has, naturally, more British TV shows, and is slightly ahead of the US with some shows. US is better for mainstream movies. This means that sometimes you would like to change the region of Netflix to see what’s new on another part of the ocean.

You can pay VPN with cashU

cashu-vpnVPN service gets bigger and bigger every month. There are a plenty of reasons for that: all that NSA fuss, big copyright companies that gets closer and closer looks on what you download. And of course one of the reasons is desire to unblock certain US and UK sites. For some countries the need of VPN is even more vital: without it they cannot access almost everything is interesting in Internet. This happens a lot in some more or less authoritarian states from Middle East and North Africa.

Smart DNS vs. Proxy

Smart DNS vs ProxyBecause a large number of users are unable to gain access to popular sites widely available in other parts of the world, they have to ditch certain sites that are regionally blocked in different countries. So, you know (if you stay outside of UK or US) that tons of video content is not easy to access while being out of the region the blocked websites are originating from. Some users choose proxy servers, because there are so many on the Web and a big part of them are even free of charge. On the other hand, public use Smart DNS service, known as being more reliable one. Let’s find out why is Smart DNS more reliable and what makes it better than proxy!

Free Smart DNS Giveaway (August 28th – September 5th)

Update! September 6, 2013. This giveaway has ended. The winners are announced.

Free UK VPNThe last days of summer. What a gloom. All the sunny days are gone, dancing in the rain is not the same anymore and no more crazy parties on the beach till morning. Hell no! The summer is back with CactusVPN – all the fun and joy of the summer will be prolonged with us. And it is even a better summer because soon a new TV season starts. And you have to be prepared for that. That is why we want to run a new giveaway.

Unblock BBC with Smart DNS

unblock-bbc-smart-dnsThere are so many websites that we cannot access. And this is just because we are not in the right region where these websites can be limitlessly accessed. Some of them are media websites that we can give up to by excluding them from our list, while some of them are still indispensable to us. We need our favorite media when it comes to travel for a week or two or when we move to other countries.
These blocked websites are something that we used to because there where the freshest and latest news come from, there where our favorite show is streamed from or there where we or our children learn something from. Being the hottest and major media websites in the world, a lot of people want to have the access to them.

Benefits of VPN with Google Voice

google-voiceWe live in a very fast paced society. We travel, and whether it’s for business or pleasure, we all want to stay connected with those who we work with, or with those we simply love. Wait a minute, there can be another case: not necessarily the one referring to traveling people, but just to those being outside the US that want to hear and talk to a friend or work partner from North America.

Unblock Hulu with Smart DNS

unblock-huluAre you a Hulu devourer? Are you really into it? Or, are you among those who never accessed or even needed Hulu? Even people who don’t care and don’t know about Hulu, sooner or later will come up with some kind of addiction to this website, once visited. Alright, let us tell you first what Hulu means and what it offers us in case if you don’t know and care. :)

Smart DNS and VPN services. Advantages and disadvantages.

smart-dns-vs-vpnLet’s admit that we feel extremely tempted and a bit confused when it comes to choose between two products that at first glance appear to us equally useful. This can happen to us when comparing two services which are extremely good: Smart DNS and VPN. Even though we wrote earlier what is a VPN service and what is a Smart DNS service, even if we are aware of the criteria, the properties that are the foundation of these two services and the possibilities they offer, we need to know to make a distinction between them, so that we can make a good choice. In order to make the right decision and to identify which of them is most appropriate service to our needs and desires, we need to extract the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Unblock VoIP in Middle East

Unblock VoIPThe facts are the facts! As much as we might believe in free speech and the power of free Internet content and our freedom to use Internet tools and services like VoIP at our own convenience. This is not always the case. Some countries just can’t leave well enough alone and need to control the content that comes in over the Internet. Countries such as the United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, as well as many other countries have government imposed Internet restriction policies.

70% discount for Smart DNS

Update! July 23, 2013. This promotion has ended.

Free UK VPNWere you lucky enough to win our Smart DNS giveaway? Hope yes, but if you did not find your name through winners list, don’t be sad, with CactusVPN we have no losers, just winners.

So in order to make your life sweeter and saves bigger we want to offer you the best Smart DNS discount ever: 70% off for Smart DNS package from CactusVPN. The discount will be available for the first month only on monthly billing cycle. So you have the unique opportunity to order the best Smart DNS service on the market for only $1.50 for the first month. It’s cheaper than popcorn… much cheaper.

Smart DNS Promotion

70% OFF

* active for Smart DNS package until the 22nd of July.

Instead we offer you an awesome opportunity to unblock Hulu, Netflix, BBC and a lot of other sites for a whole month.

Don’t wait, the promotion will be active just until the 22nd of July and we’ll not repeat it soon!

Please let us know how do you like the service, we’re sure you’ll be amazed!

PS: Each month we give to 5 lucky winners one month of services for free just for the fact that they used our service for more than 6 months. So if you have any package with monthly billing cycle longer than 6 months check your email, you might be one of the winners.

Smart DNS – a great service to unblock websites

smart-dnsMary was off to a great year. She was off to a year’s internship in Paris, France. It was fabulous, she was finally going to live her dream in that exotic destination; the one she had dreamed of all her life. She had it all, an exotic destination, a great job, and a fabulous learning opportunity. Mary planned her trip down to the very last detail. She had everything ready; her laptop, books, enough cash, emergency numbers and everything… then she got to Paris, and found out that she hadn’t planned on one major factor, her T.V. Before leaving the U.S. she had assumed she could just watch her favorite programs on Hulu. Little did she know she couldn’t access Hulu or any other TV or movie website from out of the country. What was she going to do? It was one thing to learn another language… but, quite another to watch television in that foreign language.

Free Smart DNS Giveaway (July 8th – 14th)

Update! July 14, 2013. This giveaway has ended. The winners are announced.

Free UK VPNWe have a tradition to launch giveaways with every good news we have. We would run giveaways with bad news too, but we don’t have them at all :) So, our latest good news was launching of a great technology to unblock blocked websites – Smart DNS.

This means our next giveaway, which starts now, is all about Smart DNS from CactusVPN. We’ve found out that you love our Facebook giveaways, so this one will be on Facebook as well.