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Using a VPN at Work Will Protect Your Privacy

Using a VPN at work may be the solution to remove a lot of unnecessary stress in the relationship with your employer. If you are like the rest of us poor working Joes, you probably spend between 8 to 12 hours a day at your job. Now, that is definitely a very a long time! At some point throughout this day, you may want to access your personal email, your Facebook or even perform a few personal Internet tasks.

Is this OK? Can I access personal websites from my work computer?

Well, this depends upon the Internet policy your company has implemented.

Although spending time online is a common practice, it can be risky, even if you have a private cubicle or office. Do you really want the IT department, or your boss, to know you visit Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or perform an hour or two in online shopping activities, throughout the day?

Well; I don’t have to worry about my boss or anyone seeing my Internet activity at work, because I work in a secluded area of the office.

You are certainly lucky to have additional privacy, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have private Internet surfing capabilities.

Using a VPN at Work Takes You Out of the Spotlight

You see; your computer has a specific IP address, one that demonstrates exactly where you are, what desk you sit at, and which office you are in. The specific numeral IP address gives your corporate IT department information about the websites you visit and how often you visit them. But this information is not only sent to your own corporate IT department, but also to the administrators of any website you visit. Scary thought isn’t it?

Your boss could know exactly:

  • When you visit Facebook
  • How many times you open your email
  • and even if you spend an hour or two online shopping while performing your work-related tasks

Why should I use a VPN when I could just go online from my smartphone?

Well, certainly you could, except that your smartphone probably connects to the corporate network too, which means all your personal surfing is still available to anyone who wishes to know what you are up to. That’s why using VPN at work remains the only viable solution.

Using a VPN at Work Gives You the Precious “me time”

You don’t really have to give up Facebook, Twitter, game play or any of the fun stuff you do while working. And no, you don’t have to risk being fired, either! You can simply contract a VPN service to keep all your surfing data private.

Using a VPN at work will take the heat out of me?

Of course! When you use a personal VPN service you encrypt the data from the Internet activity you perform on the computer you use the service on. This way neither your boss, nor the IT department see what web pages your computer is surfing on.

A VPN offers you a reasonable amount of anonymity while on the Internet. It encrypts your data so the corporate ISP can’t see the websites you visit, and keeps your computer and you from sticking out like a sore thumb among other employees.

Using VPN at Work Keeps You Safe

Some corporate environments aren’t bothered by personal web browsing. Others, only pretend not to be put-out by the problem, and still others have strict Internet use regulations that forbid personal use. As an employee it is hard to determine which company has an open Internet browsing policy and which doesn’t. You don’t want to give up performing a few personal tasks on the Internet, but don’t want to risk your job either.

Use a VPN and Don’t Think of This Risks Anymore

It’s the easiest and most secure way of preventing any unpleasant situations from happening. A VPN service will hide your IP address and encrypt all of your Internet browsing. This will keep you from being singled out by your employer, as a corporate server cannot tell whether any of the computers is running a VPN or not.

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