• Joaquin R
    Was awful, I cant get on my Router, your services sucks.
  • Sahan A
    I have been using Cactus VPN Liberty package now for over 6 months. Before selecting this VPN I tried other VPNs and its safe to say cactus is really the best out of the lot. I have had zero connectivity issues in the last 6 months and the servers are fast and network speed seems faster than the usual which may be due to by passing the restrictive firewalls in UAE. Fully recommend if you are considering going for a VPN. I use it on my phone as well as the PC.
  • Greg W
    Great product Smart DNS .... allows me to get TV from US and UK at the same time without having to change VPN's or anything ....
  • Lawrence P
    Very good VPN. I was surprised at how fast the servers were able to process information.
  • Stephen K
    I was so pleased with the speed and the quality of the service I have already paid up for a year. Thanks Steve
  • Lindsy C
    I have to say I've rarely seen such prompt attention to customers. Great service and the product works well. Happy customer so far!
  • Andrew Z
    I am very happy with CactusVPN. The service is outstanding, the consistently are available to help. The product they provide is very fast, and reliable. Being a network guy myself I seemed to be very put off by some smartDNS and VPN providers. A mass majority of the time I experience no network latency. By far the BEST VPN and smartDNS server I have used. I recommend them to anyone even my colleagues. So let me make this easy for you if you are looking for a VPN or SmartDNS. Stop looking just sign up with Cactus VPN and you will be amazed. Its just that simple.
  • Roger M
    Great service with quick support to help with all sorts of questions! I've been using the service for a couple of years and even bought a friend a subscription for their birthday. Keep up the good work!
  • Teszt E
    Trial included a huge range of services, however, the streaming video services was unenjoyable from overseas which rendered this service unusable for me. It's nice that they offer a free trial though
  • Brian W
    CactusVPN is not only affordable...they have a GREAT support system. Thanks!
  • Stuart L
    As I'm an ex pat living in the US I've bought Vpn services from several companies for the last 4years. I switched to Cactusvpn because quite simply they are the best as what I want and need to stay in touch with all of the the things that are British .They are the best and their service is 2nd to none!
  • David H
    Excellent service and great value for money
  • jon p
    good value great service great easy to use VPN
  • Alan W
    What I like about your service is that I can use servers in the Netherlands and Romania for P2P. What I dislike is speed on downloads is not very fast. The protocol i was using was OpenVpn on a server in the Netherlands. I then switched to a Romanian server and the download speeds were faster. I will have to try a few other services before I commit to a vpn service. Thanks for the "trial" much appreciated.
  • Tony M
    Hello Firstly I would like to say I am very happy with your service in helping me test the US servers and giving me 48 hrs for the test, regrettably I wasted 24 hr as I did not know how to use the Trial in conjunction with my paid one. VERY SIMPLE ONCE EXPLAINED TO ME. I was only able to test the US servers for a 2 hr period and found them difficult to connect to . and they did not give me what I was looking for. Thank you Tony Menikides
  • William A
    Pros: - Super fast speeds, I am getting 40+ mbps - Great customer support - Loads of protocols to choose from (SoftEther is great when ports are blocked) - Really cheap compared to competitors. - 3 devices allowed simultaneously - Comes with proxies as an added bonus Cons: - Torrent-enabled servers are in a different package Really great VPN, loving it so far
  • Ben B
    Great trial vpn service. Worked as per expectation. Highly recommended.
  • kresimir s
    Very fast without any problem.
  • Erik B
    Very happy with everything so far. It was easy to set up on my router (FritzBox) and Cactus' web service pages answered most of my questions. Following the the free trial I have taken out a yearly subscription. It would, however, be good if Cactus could add a specific tutorial for setting Smart DNS on a FritzBox which is the commonest router in Germany. Converting my Samsung Smart TV to load the UK apps rather than the German apps was more tricky. Luckily I found a very good tutorial on You-Tube which helped me through the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJUW3u83n3U
  • Ben M
    Great stuff. Seasonal deals, decent speed and server options, very low priced and the only VPN that actually works for me. Thank you for your services!
  • Exile M
    Best VPN i've ever used. The speeds are phenominal, The servers are stable and the design is nice.
  • Luke o
    totally agree with phill, full of biased feedback. automated customer support is awful, 24 trial is great, be warned takes a further 24hr to process payment thereafter.
  • William B
    This service is the best! Cheap plans, unblocks websites, and provides peace of mind. The speed is slowed down a little, but it's worth it!
  • corwin s
    Good VPN fast and reliable. I love it. And it is also not expensive at all.
  • Sndor Kroly N
    Hello! I tried it antd it was mainly good but from Hungary you can use only Bucharest to get the closest server and you get about ~80ms I like playing video games especially fps games and this ping is too high for them.
  • larry o s
    this is the best product - I have tried 3...It is simple; great customer service and very few glitches. It hasn't massive amount of servers which I like 'cuz I don't get dropped or rerouted. Smooth, fast and both the DNS and VPN are recommended. MS
  • Daimon H
    The Cactus VPN / SmartDNS just works!! No spending hours on to support. Its very fast and I can just leave it on which was not possible with two previous high profile services! I even recommended on Facebook which I never done for anything before! Highly recommended.
  • Ross C
    Two months since my first subscribe. Sofar (actusVPN) is the best VPN Service Provider In my opinion, and they have the best team ever.. Fast response and respect customers :) Sorry for my bad english :(
  • Neil C
    Very easy to use and setup. Excellent product if your ISP is making decisions for you and blocking websites. Recommended
  • Robert F
    Used 24 hour free trial (great option by the way) - found Windows software to be very good, especially the option to choose and 'kill' selective running apps if the VPN connection goes down (which it didnt). Speed was also excellent with very little 'loss' from my ISP. Hadnt got around to trialing it on Android tablet (openvpn I guess). Overall, it looks excellent and really competitively priced. Strongly considering signing up as soon as my current VPN expires within the week. Would prefer more server location options, but looks like this is expanding. 5 stars!
  • Andy B
    I was hacked-off with my existing SmartDNS provider due to lack or recurring monthly payment option and a nightmare website for trying to renew. Cactus website and support material was/ is excellent, so I was easily able to re-code my router and get back to streaming tv through my Roku. Service overall so far very good and lives up to expectations.
  • martin j
    i tried the free trail it was very good no buffer when streaming ive now took out a month sub and thinking bout taking out a year sub next year xxxxx 5 stars never let me down
  • Lex P
    I have had an amazing experience thus far with CactusVPN. Signing up was easy and painless and their instructions for using VPN's on android + Linux have assisted me in keeping my web browsing anonymous even on the go. My biggest concern when doing research into VPN's was their speed and I can say that I haven't noticed a difference between my download speeds when I'm connected to my VPN and when I'm not. The biggest compliment I can give CactusVPN is the fact that I will be renewing my subscription for another year when my current subscription expires.
  • Josh J
  • amer a
    Used free subscription one day and it was good service and good speed will subscribe, by experience you do not trust it looked for a while (cactusvpn) in the Internet, but now I recommend everyone experience before buying
  • Caty M
    My trial has been satisfactory, I bought a packet now. Service is ok, I recommend it.
  • Michael P
    After trialling 5 different VPN providers I stumbled upon Cactus. Wow what a difference in your stable connections which I what I was mostly looking for. Most of the others had frequent dropouts and re-connections which is so annoying as well as being unbelievably slow Cactus have been rock solid with the connection with fairly decent speeds .. not as fast as I would like but very acceptable ... and I have been able to connect to many sites in the UK and USA which are banned from my location. Well done Cactus. Very happy customer so far. Regards Michael
  • Jimmy D
    I'm currently trying out their 7 days free DNS trial. It works wonders and super easy to install with their own software, it's basically install and enable. I always used VPN's before to get access to geolocked content, like on Netflix and on other various media sites, and not for security or any other reasons. Until I found out about Cactus Smart DNS service, no more lags, no more buffering, much faster than a VPN. So if you are only looking for a way to stream locked content and nothing else, go for their Smart DNS instead of VPN. Also, it's cheap compared to many other services out there.
  • John D
    I have used Cactus for about Two months, everything was fine, then I started to get buffering, contacted Cactus, with the problem, they sorted the problem over a couple of E Mails back and forth, with suggestions. I felt that they were concerned, that I had issues and wanted these issues sorted ASAP. I could not have asked for a better service, many thanks to the Team for their rapid response.
  • samer y
    yes it's very good
  • Brian P
    The difference between a good service and a great service often comes down to the after-sales support you get and I can't fault Cactus on this. I've had to call on them twice in the last 6 months and on both occasions they've responded promptly and helpfully. If all companies where like this life would be a lot less frustrating when things didn't go to plan. Choosing a vpn/smartdns is a bit potluck when you've no experience of them but I feel I hit on a good'un. The vpn works as a vpn should, the smartdns is brilliant when I'm abroad and the support is top-notch. Good value for money as well. Well done Cactus.
  • Phil F
    "reviewed and manually approved" testimonials, that makes 0 sense unless you are trying to filter out negative feedback. I'll post my feedback on various other popular sites to make sure your biased opinion doesn't undermine mine.
  • jalal a
    Highly recommended of course . evry things is great DNS , VPN , support teams . 5 start without doubt.
  • Aditi A
    Excellent oackage with great value for money. I took the 3 month deal for the summer when I was in a country with severe media censorship and it truly came in handy! Highly recommended
  • neil s
    great better than other services tried
  • John I
    Tested out the vpn with the trial and it was easy to setup the software, the speeds are also great.
  • Tera F
    I used OpenVPN and it's better from what I'm expecting, although there is a minimal difference from my internet speed. The most promising of the service is the SmartDNS, it's fast and reliable, I'd say this one made my day.
  • Catalin Rafael C
    I'm very pleased with the SmartDNS package from CactusVPN. All the sites that I frequent work flawlessly and to the maximum of my bandwidth.
  • tim w
    I have had to contact Cactus a few times to get help, and the assistance has always been first class and prompt. Using the VPN is very easy. I will certainly renew my subscription.
  • James H
    I use the SmartDNS feature to watch the BBC. In my router I have the DDNS-dynamic DNS configured to call the custom http update link on each home IP address change. It is in the Tomato Shibby firmware. That way it is all automatic. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else.