• Mark C
    I recently undertook a review of the most common VPN and Proxy services while trying to fix a customers issue. After a week of testing I found the Cactus VPN system to be one of the best, fastest and most user friendly. With a UK VPN from only $4.99 per month it is also one of the cheapest around. Their US, UK, NL VPN + Smart DNS service @ $6.99 per month is the most comprehensive offering there is. The Smart VPN service allows you to simply configure your router so that all devices connected both wired and wireless are all covered by the appropriate IP address, it is a simple click to change between US, UK, NL all from one subscription.
  • Adam C
    Bandwidth was too limited for me to use BBC iplayer or SkyGo. I know that I have fast internet but as soon as I applied the proxy I couldn't use either of these features. I'm glad I only used the 1 day free trial!
  • Dimos D
    Worked really well under all circumstances, excellent easy-to-use software, no need to restart whatsoever and lightning fast. I'm sold
  • sam s
    its easy and good
  • John T
    Superb, really easy to download and use. I tried the free trial and have just bought the product, able to get all my downloads again! :)
  • Apache I
    Cactus VPN is extremely effective service with fast downloads! I never had a single drop-out connection while using Netherlands server! What is more, that it comes with automatic application browser and bit torrent client shutdown in case VPN connection is lost. Although, you have to enable it in the software settings. The website is user-friendly and easy to use. The VPN software is also intuitively designed. All in all, Cactus VPN is the secure and anonymous way to surf and download on the internet.
  • philippe g
    Very easy to configure and use. I managed to use it on windows, Linux and Android in minutes. Streaming performance via US proxy is good,.
  • Marc C
    Hi there, Have to admit that on one hand was quite happy with the product functionality in itself, it works, but it works very slow. The speed at which it is downloading (NL server) could definitely be improved. Before subscribing to one of your packages, I'd like to know what you are doing about it? Thank you for reverting back to me. Kind regards, Marc
  • Simon J
    Ha. Given that recommendations have to be approved I won't expect to see the one I just wrote added to your site anytime soon!
    Works great on my android TV box using Maidenhead, Both London Servers can not be configured on my system, but i have not had a problem with the one I can use for watching BBC and ITV Iplayer so for the very reasonable price i bought yeas subscription. be nice to have their own Android connect software and haave the other 2 available to me.
  • Anonymous
    Great service, have been using it for a year now and im very happy with it. Really cheap, 1mb's for torrent applications,good speeds at browsing the web, really good and easy to use interface on the client as well. Allows programs to be automatically closed if you ever lose connection too the vpn thus insuring privacy. No problems at all on windows 7.
  • em s
    Actually I was not able to use the services . I couldnt be able to connect to the servers due to an error . The technical desktop was quite fast to my emails but they did not gave me a solution to my problem. The interface for mac users is quite easy and simple which is good. Em.
  • kai r
    Amazing Server ! i currently live in the UK and i can connect to any of the servers (US,UK,NL) and have at lease 20/10 speeds and can get on with day life needs like streaming to twitch, teamview people to help them,u ploading big files (20 GB - 200 GB) And still have amazing performance thanks soo much CactusVPN <3 -Kai
  • frz b
    yes I'm happy with cactus
  • John W
    Up to now, I have been using a free VPN service to access BBC iplayer. This frequently dropped the connection so I thought I would try the CactusVPN paid service for 24 hours. Unfortunately, this performed no better. However, I am also trying the Smart DNS service, which seems much better. This is a 7 day trial, which allows a thorough test. The 24 hour trial of the VPN service is too short to be able to judge.
  • Philip G
    Finally a UK VPN that works and is fast!
  • Lee L
    Great service which is quick and easy to set up.
  • Avik B
    Cactus VPN is a fantastic VPN Service, which offers convenience, instant access to all sites. The integration with the Mac is seamless. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to use these services
  • Raul B
    I searched long and hard before picking my VPN provider and I am completely satisfied. My three concerns were security, speed and pricing. CactusVPN knocks it out of the park with all three. I am especially impressed with download speeds. I have confirmed my IP is definitely masked through different sites. KUDOS to CactusVPN!
  • Chris H
    Didn't want to miss the live stream of Dr. Who, signed up for the trial, installed the software, logged in. Hassle free - makes you wonder why all the university VPNs are always so fragile.
  • Kyle B
    Searched for a good 1-2 hours trying to find the right VPN for the right price and finally found cactusVPN. I started w/ the 24h free. Was easy to install; it *asked* me if I wanted to let it run in the background and/or start when windows started, instead of doing it on its own... You can set cactus VPN to close a specific program(s) should your connection with the VPN be lost. Of course you don't have to install their program if you dont want to; You can put the settings into your OS, only windows has a program you download. Browsing the Internets on cactus VPN is identical to with out it, except for all the ads are geared toward a different area of the globe (oh well). Downloading Large Files: with/without = 1000/650. I am in the western hemisphere and the server I am connecting to is in the eastern, so I am happy with a 25% loss. Try it, make sure it suits your needs, and then it is $13 for 3 months, i mean cmon get out your credit card people.
  • peter b
    Very pleased with the service, always on, always accessible and fast. Extremely simple to install and no set up required bar knowing what your login details are, which were kindly emailed to me. Would recommend to anyone. Once the new month comes around I will be placing an order. Many thanks.
  • sermon c
    very well.as you know, the GFW has stopped the Chinese to surf Internet.thanks a lot !
  • Kevin S
    Works great. Speed is fast, very reliable. Happy to use it. Thanks!
  • Ricardo E
    Had 3 month free trial period and the speeds were superb, and I'm from wall the way in the Caribbean!!! Got to watch Hulu in high as well as Netflix in HD with no problems at all, speeds never drop! Will recommend Cactus VPN to anyone. Its worth it, and the prices are cheap! Support response is fast and reliable as well. Look no further, go Cactus VPN TODAY! Last but not least, I would like to thank you folks for the very great vpn service you folks provide
  • Hugh B
    Excellent VPN service provider. Setup was easy and the small software very userfriendly. I was expecting problems during setup but everything came out fine and did not take more than 10 minutes. The VPN services from the different servers appeared to be fully functionnal and quick. I didn't notice any speed drop and had a fun time throughout the trial period. Congrats CactusVPN!
  • Antonio R
    I have just finished a 3 month free trial period, I'm very happy with this VPN service, and this is my review: Let's start with the Cons: -Torrent downloads are a bit slow when using the NL servers. In fact, they go much faster without using VPN. So the full package is a bit useless for me. The US or UK packages are more than enough. -When connected to the LA server, I could not use Google, it would say I'm sending automated queries or something like that. Quite annoying. -Sometimes it gets disconnected and you need to wait a few minutes or change server (it might actually be a problem with the provider -- China's internet is quite crappy). And now with the Pros: -Very easy to set up. I use the manual set up for Windows 7, Android and iOS, without the software. -The number of servers they offer is not astounding (9 servers if you get the whole package, or 3 for a single package), but they work well most of the time. -Downloads and streaming go at an amazing speed! And with no usage limit, so you don't need to keep an eye on the GB meter. -It allows to connect different devices at the same time to different servers (and sometimes even to the same server at the same time, if you're lucky). -I connect in mainland China, sometimes using my phone from remote locations, with no problem! -Compared with what others offer for this price, it's a pretty good deal. -And of course, the support staff, fast replies to questions, the free giveaways on Facebook...! Thanks!!
  • David S
    I have to say that so far my experience with Cactus VPN is excellent! It's dead easy to set up and the download and streaming performance is fantastic. Top marks!
  • chris A
    Cactus was recommended to me as a good quality VPN. Unfortunately I did not have a similarly good experience as although the streaming speed was of normal quality the download speed of the same programme was atrocious and as such I will not be purchasing a VPN package from Cactus.
  • Micheal B
    So far this falls short of an easy to use service
  • Jay W
    I have been considering subscribing to such a service for some time but always felt it was going to be a very complicated process. The free 24 hour trial is a great idea and the main factor in me deciding to try. It was very straight forward to use and I quickly set it up for use on my iPad and Windows 7 PC. I was so pleased with the results that I subscribed even before the end of the free trial. A great service, simple to use and great value for money!
  • Stephen S
    I have just finished my 3 day free trail. I have made comparison speed tests with my existing VPN service which I am finding is slowing down my download speed. In all tests Cactus came out on top with very little loss of speed. I have another 3 months left on my existing contract which when it runs out I shall definitely change over to Cactus. Steve Shaller in Spain
  • Gueani T
    Very fast and highly efficient.
  • boonma w
    It was great
  • tyuba
    During the week, I compared the quality of services of different companies providing VPN services, and stopped at kaktusvpn. cheap tariff plans, really fast servers, no interruptions, as well as a very handy software that is compatible with all installed applications on the computer. But the main thing is really secure anonymous Internet connection. Use the services of kaktusvpn already half a year and am very pleased!...
  • Matt J
    Pretty good speeds but unsure about the privacy and logging policies.
  • Steven K
    With the strong possibility of losing UK TV channels hear in Spain, I have been looking at ways of receiving UK restricted sites such as I-players, and have been trailing a number of VPN and Smart DNS solutions. So far I have found several good providers at various costs, Cactus smart DNS works very well and is competitively price, and is currently the one I would choose! However there are still a couple of other providers I have yet to evaluate, before making a final decision when the my satellite TV is lost in November.
  • Daniel W
    I'm IT technician and I'm sick and tired about VPN services that gives you false feeling of exclusivity and full control. Which gives you loads of options to choose from, than you carefully pick one, and get nothing. Slow speeds, reconnections, servers down etc. But Cactus VPN seems to be different. I love the simplicity, leading almost to minimalism. You visit their page, choose server location, pay and be amazed by their simple and fast GUI and blazing speed VPN, tailored on today's high speed connection. As long as CactusVPN stays like that, they have my full loyalty. Thank you, CactusVPN staff. Sincerely, Daniel
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  • Alexander T
    the best VPN-service ever!
  • rung w
    I have used several VPN services before as I travel between the UAE and Thailand. For example in the UAE, Skype is banned and in Thailand where I spend most of my time, I like to watch UK channels and use some gambling websites and without doubt CactusVPN is the best service I have used so far. It is very reliable and ticks all the boxes for me. I can watch TV easily without getting cut off or slow connection and talking on Skype is much improved since I switched to CactusVPN. I recommend it and will tell all my friends and contacts to use CactusVPN.
  • Anonymous
    have been using free trial for about 7 hours now and it seems to work well. have had a few issues with auto disconnects running ubuntu linux but for the most part the connection is stable and fast.
  • Hanzlah M
    It's the first time ever i've had to leave the comforts of home. I had some business to take care of and was sent to the Middle East. Concerned that i'd never be able to access websites, that I wouldln't be able to use Netflix or download anything here, I searched and searched and searched and came accross Cactus. I've never dealt with this stuff before so I didn't know what I was doing. Long story short, it's one of the best decisions i've ever made. Not only does it feel like i'm back in the US but the service is still incredibly fast. As for customer Support goes, that deserves 5 stars as well. I wanted to switch my package from the UK to US servers and opened a ticket. Thinking it would take days to hear a reply, I left my laptop alone. Literally 10 minutes later I received not only a response but a resolution, they had switched my service with no hassle to me. These guys deserve more customers, they're absolutely amazing. Great Job Cactus. Keep it up.
  • Barney C
    thanks , im using VPN free
  • ashu g
    this a super vpn its awesome goooood i will recommend it for all of u
  • Hsin Cheng L
    High quality VPN service, I use the SSTP VPN linking the U.S. server vendor in this, on average, stability is also good! There is a very small drawback, if you can provide a longer test, will be better, because the server stability test only one day less accurate. This is my personal little opinion! Anyway, it gave me a wonderful experience, This will be my future considering buying one of VPN service providers.
  • asim k
    very expert service..
  • Graham M
    I have been trying to find a VPN for a while, The internet is saturated with various companys, this is about my 15th tria, Look no further the software is seemless and bug free,and no manual setup, they do it for you and even your Smart DNS 5* dont waste your time finding other companys, I have done that for you. ;-)
  • James S
    I have just used my smart dns service trail which has worked very well in the UK. It has allowed content from Netflix US on both my Xbox and PS3. As for other content it cannot allow other apps to function as it does not mask your region. This could be a very good service if they could unrestrict all content but as yet they cant.
  • Looul L
    I love you CactusVPN, 100% no bug in internet. THE BEST I LOVE IT