• Josh J
  • amer a
    Used free subscription one day and it was good service and good speed will subscribe, by experience you do not trust it looked for a while (cactusvpn) in the Internet, but now I recommend everyone experience before buying
  • Caty M
    My trial has been satisfactory, I bought a packet now. Service is ok, I recommend it.
  • Michael P
    After trialling 5 different VPN providers I stumbled upon Cactus. Wow what a difference in your stable connections which I what I was mostly looking for. Most of the others had frequent dropouts and re-connections which is so annoying as well as being unbelievably slow Cactus have been rock solid with the connection with fairly decent speeds .. not as fast as I would like but very acceptable ... and I have been able to connect to many sites in the UK and USA which are banned from my location. Well done Cactus. Very happy customer so far. Regards Michael
  • Jimmy D
    I'm currently trying out their 7 days free DNS trial. It works wonders and super easy to install with their own software, it's basically install and enable. I always used VPN's before to get access to geolocked content, like on Netflix and on other various media sites, and not for security or any other reasons. Until I found out about Cactus Smart DNS service, no more lags, no more buffering, much faster than a VPN. So if you are only looking for a way to stream locked content and nothing else, go for their Smart DNS instead of VPN. Also, it's cheap compared to many other services out there.
  • John D
    I have used Cactus for about Two months, everything was fine, then I started to get buffering, contacted Cactus, with the problem, they sorted the problem over a couple of E Mails back and forth, with suggestions. I felt that they were concerned, that I had issues and wanted these issues sorted ASAP. I could not have asked for a better service, many thanks to the Team for their rapid response.
  • samer y
    yes it's very good
  • Brian P
    The difference between a good service and a great service often comes down to the after-sales support you get and I can't fault Cactus on this. I've had to call on them twice in the last 6 months and on both occasions they've responded promptly and helpfully. If all companies where like this life would be a lot less frustrating when things didn't go to plan. Choosing a vpn/smartdns is a bit potluck when you've no experience of them but I feel I hit on a good'un. The vpn works as a vpn should, the smartdns is brilliant when I'm abroad and the support is top-notch. Good value for money as well. Well done Cactus.
  • Phil F
    "reviewed and manually approved" testimonials, that makes 0 sense unless you are trying to filter out negative feedback. I'll post my feedback on various other popular sites to make sure your biased opinion doesn't undermine mine.
  • jalal a
    Highly recommended of course . evry things is great DNS , VPN , support teams . 5 start without doubt.
  • Aditi A
    Excellent oackage with great value for money. I took the 3 month deal for the summer when I was in a country with severe media censorship and it truly came in handy! Highly recommended
  • neil s
    great better than other services tried
  • John I
    Tested out the vpn with the trial and it was easy to setup the software, the speeds are also great.
  • Tera F
    I used OpenVPN and it's better from what I'm expecting, although there is a minimal difference from my internet speed. The most promising of the service is the SmartDNS, it's fast and reliable, I'd say this one made my day.
  • Catalin Rafael C
    I'm very pleased with the SmartDNS package from CactusVPN. All the sites that I frequent work flawlessly and to the maximum of my bandwidth.
  • tim w
    I have had to contact Cactus a few times to get help, and the assistance has always been first class and prompt. Using the VPN is very easy. I will certainly renew my subscription.
  • James H
    I use the SmartDNS feature to watch the BBC. In my router I have the DDNS-dynamic DNS configured to call the custom http update link on each home IP address change. It is in the Tomato Shibby firmware. That way it is all automatic. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else.
  • Michael S
    Great service for a DNS server. I have tried different solutions but DNS does not work for me as my router is not configurable and even though my iPad or laptop is, it doesn't help. Once I used an independent router all was OK. I will try the VPN service in future ad re-evaluate
  • matt a
    Great service! Easy to setup trial run and works on multiple platforms. I also liked how you can choose the IP/location.
  • Conor D
    First rate service. Support team helped me set up VPN service and responded (within minutes, on occasions!) to my enquiries. Will be using them again when travelling abroad next year.
  • G W
    A happy customer - customer support is good via the website support forms, and quick to respond too. Would highly recommend, and all at a very good price too
  • Roberto B
    Awesome! So much better than other VPS.
  • Jerry L
    I like Cactus VPN. It works smooth fast and reliable. I use it mainly from a router. Still it's a bit of a pitty there is no client software for Android or iOS clients. Would be easier to setup. When running OpenVPN you need proxy for your webbased browsing. All together very good experience for a good price. My concerns are with the privacy policy as with any other provider. Will they open up when there comes a legal claim to watch your traffic. Reading the fineprint doesn't make me think they will but i've seen those claims "melt before the sun" in other cases aswell. For now still the best and fast VPN so far. I will be trying other providers too just for the sake of it.
  • Dheeraj S
    One of the best VPN service available trust me :)
  • Claudio T
    Great better experience gaming in "Live for Speed". I recomend this service at all from lagging sites. It is good. Claudio
  • Kaedian R
    I have been travelling outside the US so I needed a solution to watch TV shows and movies from my favorite sites. Originally, I was using the SmartDNS + VPN package but after a few weeks of use, I decided I didn't use SmartDNS very often and that the VPN package best fits my needs. At that time I had an open invoice but didn't want to pay extra for the VPN and SmartDNS. Cactus VPN's customer service was so helpful. They immediately fixed the invoice so that I had to only pay for what I wanted. As far as how the product works: it works fantastically! I can hide my IP, browse safely, and access what I need all without hassle! I haven't used their software as it is not compatible with my device but after going through one of their tutorials I set up my VPN on my phone and tablet and both work wonderfully with zero maintenance thereafter. I am sure that CactusVPN is probably the best VPN service out there. Remember, if you have a question, just ask them! They're support is excellent.
  • Paul K
    Great customer service - I reported an issue to support, received feedback and it was quickly resolved. Faultless. I use Softether and the speed and reliability of connection is superb. I would definitely recommend CactusVPN.
  • Gavin B
    Great service and does what it is made to do. Got me into the websites i needed. My only unsureness is the monthly cost, if it was maybe made a little cheaper (I'd say £2.50) payed monthly i would be a life time member no question!!!
  • Alex M
    I am happy with the services. No problems encountered.
  • Zahid M
    So easy to set up and get started. Works without issues on my Mac and so easy to toggle the VPN on and off using the application provided. I can chose from a range of locations and servers too! I did a speedtest with and without the VPS enabled and didn't see any difference at all! Fantastic service!
  • gtr x
    Slowed my internet, I'm getting 34mps without vpn to 1.8 with your vpn in Australia, way to slow for me to pay for.
  • Glynn J
    I recently joined CactusVPN and had a few issues setting things up on my iPad (my fault). The response from the customer service team was brilliant - very fast response and very helpful. Everything nows works perfectly and I am happy to recommend CatcusVPN (especially the Customer Service Team!).
  • gary d
    Great service! Only thing I would like to see added is the ability to change between server with a single click.
  • David W
    I've been using Cactus for 5 months. I can sum up my total experience in 1 sentence - "This company knows how to run a business!"' I have had zero problems since day 1. Setup was a breeze - I was up and running in 5 minutes. Their customer support is the best I've seen anywhere. I've never waited longer than 8 hours for a reply to my questions, and when they reply it's a COMPLETE answer, not leaving me with more questions. They have even answered questions about using Gmail with Cactus sending me links to resolve error issues. After dealing with other, unscrupulous vpn and proxy providers (they don't let you cancel and keep charging you every month) finding Cactus was like being a kid on Christmas morning. Quality of Service = Perfect. Customer Support = Perfect. I will be a customer for LIFE and would actually sign up for a lifetime membership if I could afford it lol. . These guys know that it's the customers who can make or break a company and they have proven to me they know how to run a successful business! I usually use the Amsterdam 4 server with OpenVPN and my connection speeds are very fast - you can't even tell I'm using a VPN. If you're shopping for a VPN provider you can stop now. This is the only one you need. :)
  • David E
    Excellent. worked first time and really easy to set up with android tv box
  • Mr L P
    It's a shame but i do not now need cactus anymore. I didn't have a single problem with the service at all everything worked first time of asking.
  • gary e
    I have been with Cactus for almost three years and must say they are far and above any service of their type. The support you get is the best.Patient and response from support is given in language anyone can understand and follow. If you are looking for this type of service, look no further you have found the GOLD
  • Neil M
    A faultless VPN until I tried to upgrade to the latest release. The application then locked out every time. The Cactus service was fantastic and quickly sorted out my problem, taking me through painless steps to identify the issue. highly recommended as a great vpn with awesome service to match.
  • mooooj a
    Love the service
  • Ashley C
    Love the service
  • David E
    So, had Cactus VPN for 5 months now and have been extremely impressed with overall service! I had a bit of trouble setting it up, not too much, but the support guys were very quick with advising on how to proceed and was up and running pretty swiftly. The servers all work great, the occasional dips in speed and connection but considering the benefits of the service (and the fact that switching between servers is incredibly easy and usually sorts slow speeds) I am more than happy. If you're still not sure about a VPN service I heartily recommend this one! I'll be keeping it for a while I think. The payment options are quite flexible too, I go for paying 3 months at a time and it suits me.
  • Fernando S
    Five out of five stars. Excellent service with great support if you ever need it. I am a totally satisfied happy customer of Cactus VPN.
  • Nicole W
    Thanks for free trial. For most of the trail the vpn was able to provide moderate bandwidth and is ideal for browsing or streaming music.
  • Jason J
    In total this service is not half bad. For me the biggest issue was getting the connection to stay once it was up and using OpenVPN. I had several issues with this throughout the day and had to download the OpenVPN client (not a bad drawback to be honest) to get the Tap 32 Adapter to not be "lost" by the CactusVPN client. Once that was done and I maintained a connection downloading was actually pretty fast and around where my 42+ Charter speeds have me at without VPN. The next biggest drawback is upload speeds. No matter what the upload speeds were terribly slow and nothing changed that fact (even with popular torrents). So in the end the download speeds are terrific provided a connection is maintained and the service works wonderfully when it maintains a connection. Your experience will differ of course and don't judge my issues with my own PC (Win 8.1) as a detriment to how well this very nice service can work for you.
  • David F
    Nice software interface, but speeds were not as fast as I was getting with the company I used before and also, email will not work while connected. Also very limited choice of connection cities (none in Canada and none that geographically close to Vancouver) so I went back to who I was using before.
  • Xavier L
    Cactus VPN worked very well for me and maintained high speeds even when connected to servers half the world away. I will highly recommend it to my friends.
  • jefferson w
    muito bom mesmo recomendo faz que dizer excelente :D
  • Nadiye K
    It worked flawlessly on my iMac. Conneted the websites, Twitter and YouTube without any problem from Turkey. Here is the review my sister wrote: http://www.nurweb.biz/cactusvpn/ Thanks for great VPN service! I recommend everyone. Dr. Nadiye KARLICA
  • Nick T
    Excellent service, even support for a problem of my making on a Sunday. Using Cactusvpn with a dd-wrt router and the script generator & instructions are excellent.
  • Sebastian L
    I've only tested the free VPN and SmartDNS service and I'm very satisfied. The VPN hat some funny things going on but the CactusVPN support assured me that won't be a problem with a paid subscription. Other than that, the SmartVPN worked great and as expected and the VPN speed was actually the fasted I've tested so far. (including two other well known competitors) Regarding that everything works fine and the price is right I'll move over to the big CactusVPN package as soon as my other VPN subscription runs out.

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