• vpn i.
    Awesome !!!
  • Morpheus W.
    I looked at this service because of the need for SSTP. The service is reliable, and fast enough for me. Ping times are decently low, satisfactory for online gaming. The best aspect of this company is the exceptional customer service. They not only allow for a free trial, but they also try very hard to help with any technical issues with the VPN connection. I highly recommend them!
  • Terry D.
    Excellent product when using the softether manager, very reliable and fast.
  • Stuart B.
    Good service
  • Michael E.
    I have no problem with Cactus VPN, but initially needed it to view UK TV on line when in Europe. I have now invested in an Android box with locally tailor made system to view all UK TV on iptv, If I need a VPN again I will use Cactus, as I found the service excellent. I have recommended Cactus to others, not sure of take up though. Regards, Mike Evans.
  • Zach B.
    Loved this service for a little over a year now. Does exactly what I need, and the frequent updates to the program really help. I had a small issue with a payment but it got solved in less than 24 hours. Great service.
  • Elmues B.
    So far I have been using the service on and off for three years. The pricing is spot on. The service is superfast. So far I have never had a problem. Thanks for a great product.
  • Janez B.
    Great service, fast servers and quick activation. Will recommend CactusVPN to my friends.
  • iko i.
    I am a paranoid person and I never trust any VPN, I always find something that makes me even more paranoid, I always find some minus in all VPN what I use in the past. CactusVPN is the first VPN what I use so relax with a great feeling of security. Thank you CactusVPN for hiding me and give me so nice feeling of security!
  • jhon d.
    All is the best!!!
  • Mikael N.
    Thank you. It's all working perfectly and was really easy to setup on Ubuntu too.
  • A B.
    Love the test-before-you-buy Trial VPN option, so easy to set up!
    Excellent service and supports many kinds of router. 100/100
  • Emily P.
    A* service. Especially their yearly discount promos. Fantastic speedy chat service. Instant replies. Great help. Allround BEST VPN.
  • Nicola T.
    I've tried a few different DNS suppliers but they never worked all of the time, Cactus is perfect. Had one issue once and customer support were on it quick and got it sorted. Perfect!
  • Duncan M.
    I had to use the technical support for an issue I was experiencing on only one device. They were beyond fantastic, quickly resolving my issue. The best customer service I have experienced in a long time! Can highly recommend!
  • Jakub T.
    VPN works fantastic and support replies in matter of minutes. Best choice out there!
  • C P.
    I joined when the company that owned the copper land line cables started throttling my DSL provider to force me to switch to their services instead (Fiber). They had also throttled my streaming service. CactusVPN encrypted my internet use and sped my internet back up. I still use CactusVPN to keep my bandwidth fast, and my info safe and secure.
  • Naamio K.
    I've been using the service for 1½ years now. Works like a charm, great speed and only once I've had a problem and the support was super-fast to reply and solve my issue. Highly recommend the service!
  • Lucy R.
    My query was solved quickly and easily by Cactus' online support, with no hassles involving my contract or anything of the like. This is the second time I have had an issue solved with no drama at all, I am incredibly happy by CactusVPN's product and customer service
  • Stuart G.
    Great service and great pricing. Had a couple of issues with my DNS service but this was resolve very quickly.
  • mascia g.
    I just had help from Cactus Support from Nicolae. I CANNOT STRESS HOW WELL HE SORTED MY ISSUE. He logged on remotely and was a WIZARD with the multi-layered problem! HUGE RECOMMENDATIONS FROM ME FOR CACTUS and Nicolae!
  • Janice M.
    The Cactus team have always been extremely helpful in dealing with any queries I've had on setting up the system on my computer as well as coming back to me really quickly with any issues I've had.
  • Ashley B.
    CactusVPN is just getting better and better. With the addition of a Sydney server, Australians will now be displeased. Speed, reliability and good service. Thanks heaps Cactus. Feature request please - IKEv2.
  • Jeet S.
    Very good and friendly support. Never had any issues with the services.
  • Reach Y.
    CactusVPN is a small but powerful VPN service provider,24 hours free trial and 30-days money back guarantee are both allowed by Cactus VPN,you can see more review about CactusVPN in :
  • bob j.
    Silvano is the greatest supporter i ever have had in my life
  • Wayne N.
    I have had the chance to tryout this VPN service for 24 hours with there 24-Trial acccount and this is a brillaint VPN service. I was able have full uptime and was very secure for the period of the trial. I was able to test out all of the features and different setups they offer. I found the speed of the connection to be very fast and stable and was secure. When i was using my internet there was no noticeable change in the speed or in the upload or download speeds. I especially liked there diffrent VPN servers as you can choose and pick which servers you can connect to also there is a DNS Leak protection which is really good as none of your infotmation get leaked. As I stated above i saw no real downtime or reduction in speed. They have a brillaint pricing plans but are not expensive. I still think that there service is brillaint, and its a very good VPN service for anyone looking to keep there internet connection privacy private, or maybe for somebody to stay safe while there using op
  • Jordan B.
    Amazing VPN very fast and cheap and you get a 24 hour free trial without needing a credit card!!
  • Stephen N.
    I had a problem where I could not send email to myself over some of the Cactusvpn servers. I contacted my email provider several times to solve this problem but to no avail. They said my VPN was blocking them. In fact, on my own, I eventually found that my email provider was treating mail to myself over cactusvpn as spam. I fixed the spam issue in my email account and solved the problem. Cactusvpn staff patiently worked with me for several days while I was trying to solve this issue. In fact, the problem did not lie with the cactusvpn system. The issues were entirely with my email provider. I give the Cactusvpn support staff my highest recommendation as responsible and responsive. Stephen
  • Dadung C.
    I am very satisfied with the cactus VPN. 1 software get 4 utility.
  • Richard S.
    When it comes to problem solving the CactusVPN support team are absolutely superb. We had an extremely rare problem of not being able to connect to our CactusVPN service, within an hour of raising a "Ticket" the problem was solved and the service was working perfectly again. Brilliant, rapid and courteous service all the way through.
  • Phil M.
    I'm very impressed with CactusVPN. Does what it says on the tin and the online help guides are brilliant. Got my VPN and SmartDNS sorted up and running in no time. A friend recommended CactusVPN, unfortunately he/we weren't aware of your affiliate program until too late.
  • Russell C.
    I've had the service for year and just recently renewed for another year. It's been flawless and works for everything I need. I recently had an issue unblocking a site with the DNS service, but after a email Cactus worked on the problem and got me access through my IOS device. What was even better was that they do not offer unblocking with IOS but nevertheless made the effort to get me going. Cheers RGC
  • Charlie M.
    Have always had a good experience. Good customer service when it's needed and the service is FAST.
  • Rick B.
    Ive tried 3 month or more runs with 7 or 8 providers now... Cactus VPN caught my eye after reading some STRONG reviews, and signed up for afree trial. First hour had me impressed! Super fast response from the reps! Their software straight-forward, and they have several VPN options in excellent locations (you dont need 5000 locations) I have had VPN providers with literally 100's of servers all of the place, but so many of those were useless to me and ridiculously slow! I would have to search through dozens to find a good connection with the "Private" type providers.... Not an issue here, you have SSTP, Open VPN or whatever protocol you need -Encryption that is the same as the other services and the highest you can get for this purpose. Just a great all around service- I waited a couple of months ito my service with Cactus VPN before I wrote this one and not a single issue- No downtime- perfect!! Give it a shot- you wont be disappointed.
  • Juan A.
    I went around and tried about 6 different VPN Provider. The reason I'm going with Cactus over any of the others is because of it's simplicity. The FAQ's are straight and to the point, the installation instructions are clear, and most importantly for me, the free trial was unrestricted so I really go to see it's full use before making my decision. Lastly, the prices are extremely reasonable! I'll definitely be signing up for an annual subscription here.
  • Jason C.
    I was completely amazed at the level of service CactusVPN provided via their Live Chat customer service channel. My query was immediately addressed and the technician was able to resolve the issue. Clearly they have extremely able people working to keep the services up and running. Thank you CactusVPN really excellent service.
  • David H.
    I found the CactusVPN interface to be easily operated, even for someone with little experience dealing with virtual networking. I was also impressed with the bandwidth I was able to achieve during cyber rush hour as I have a less than ideal internet provider. So long as I don't get any nasty e-mails from you know who, I will sign on the dotted line next week. Thank you kindly, Cacti. --D.Hasselhoth
  • aa b.
    easy install easy setup and everything works perfectly. nice :)
  • zukkero f.
    Works well!
  • Nicholas Y.
    Awesome VPN! I have been using the Always-ON VPN feature on my phone, and when I need to use the VPN on my computer it works flawlessly. The only downside I have to say is that they could use a few more locations. But besides that, the experience is great! Purchased a full year, and the customer support responds within hours every time. Good job CactusVPN!
  • Lenny N.
    great team im new to all this they have been there when I needed them and have helped me no end well done
  • Terrence A.
    I live and work in Tirana Albania due to my employment. The Cactus VPN team was highly helpful during my connection issues with Amazon TV. I was really impressed when the Cactus IT staff themselves ran into the same dilemma as I was having here in Tirana. They were quick to give me other technical ideas of how I can successfully stream videos here in this European country. Awesome job!!!!!!
    We live in a place where free to air television is difficult to access, so Cactus VPN has been an invaluable resource for our internet needs. We have only had one issue with connection in the last year and the problem was remedied immediatly by the Cactus team. the data speed through the VPN s fast and reliable. Thankyou guys!
  • Chad C.
    Been using for a couple years now. No problems. Timely support. A very good service.
  • alex l.
    Great service and from the UK, I have no issues to report. Easily set-up on DD-WRT and Tomato routers and easy to switch locations/servers. I run three, simultaneous VPN over Fibre Broadband to there countries with no perceivable degridation. I have used the Cactus Customer Chat facility a couple of times and had a speedy response on both occasions. I find Smart DNS works well (BBC iPlayer for example). The Web interface is easy to use and easy to amend or change ones subscription. Overall, service, price and flexibility, in my opinion, is good value
  • John J.
    Has a problem with Amazon that was resolved in less than 20 minutes from the time I raised a support ticket. Superb service and the best value $5 you will ever spend. Excellent!
  • josh r.