• Anei L
    I'm still using it.
  • F S
    CactusVPN worked out of the box and I never had problem with their service.
  • Anonymous
    great service! ill be subscribing again soon
  • Andr v
    Fine service provider. Worth every penny.
  • Anonymous
    CactusVPN, is great, easy to use and activate when I need it. Reliable service and easy to set up.
  • Ricardo K
    Great service, but I dont need it anymore.
  • Francesco P
    It was working well
  • Derek B
    the service was good
  • David B
    A HUGE thank you to Victor C. who fixed my issue within 40 minutes! My Smart DNS wasn't working with Bleacher Report Live but now it works like a dream. Exceptional customer service!
  • Anonymous
    LOVE the ease of this service! I will be back :)
  • Anonymous
    Great VPN! Easy to use, but incredibly secure. Would recommend.
  • Anonymous
    Tried it for 24 hours, thought it was great so took it up for 3 months. Does everything I want it to do as a UK expat looking for UK TV services on the European mainland. Support so far has been nothing short of excellent, with a quick response and more info than necessary. I even scrapped my old VPN provider to join Cactus as the support was so much better and the service more reliable.
  • Anonymous
    Really good service, enjoyed the trial. Got my things done and all unfortunately I do not require permanent VPN services.
  • Anonymous
    Cactus VPN works excellent when I am in Sudan. I will use it again when I will need it.
  • Dinesh T
    Good service
  • Androulla F
    worked very well for the intended purpose back in the UK and don't need it anymore
  • Dale A
    This service gave me exactly what I needed with zero issues.
  • Anonymous
    Great VPN and can get around LightSpeed
  • Philip D
    Great service it helps me to connect my work guest Wifi.
  • Anonymous
    It's an excellent service, I just haven't used it for months.
  • Jos M
  • Martti L
    Everything has worked fine. Including Support
  • Roger C
    This is a message to all you tech people at Cactus. I want to thank you for the hard work you do. My questions and queries are all answered in a short time, and your willingness to guide a non savvy computer person ( I am 66 yrs old ) is second to none. THANK YOU CACTUS Keep up the good work. A satisfied customer Roger
  • Anonymous
    Great service. Always work perfectly :)
  • Thomas M
    Excellent service and support.
  • Anonymous
    nice service enjoying !!!
  • Anonymous
    It was very good services to watch world cup matches :)
  • Anonymous
    happy with your service and i will probably be back once i need it again
  • jeremy v
    great service and never had issues
  • Jeff T
    Great Services, never had a problem!
  • Zatlers N
    Stable working; easy installation. 5stars
  • Zakariah P
    Worked great! No complaints.
  • Anonymous
    Cactus VPN Smart DNS service has been great and extremely easy to install and use. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone.
  • Erin T
    Cactus VPN has been very reliable and responsive, at a reasonable price. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone.
  • Jennifer S
    Great service. The app worked on all our mobile devices.
  • Michael B
  • Anonymous
    Great Service
  • Anonymous
    Great service
  • Danielle D
    Cactus VPN Smart DNS was awesome and we would definitely recommend it. We only stopped using it because we no longer needed the Smart DNS service.
  • Anonymous
    The service is very good I but I don’t want the recurring sub at the moment. I will be ordering again for September and October Many thanks Sandra Cronin
  • Antonio C R
    CactusVPN was by far the best service provider of its kind among the many we tried. We subscribed quite a few months and just canceled due to our moving back to the US.
  • piyawat s
    This program is the best, there's nothing to complain but I just don't need it anymore
  • Anonymous
    Hi, how are you? Unfortunately I had to cancel the service because my project that I would use ended up being discontinued, however the service of CactusVPN was very good and satisfactory, I would also request a refund of my payment because I am on time for it, Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    Fast and easy Setup, working well
  • Rigo B
    I use SmartDNS to fix my latency and disconnection problems with World of Warcraft (even they couldn't help me!). After trying several services for a few weeks, this one fixes 99% of my problems. I recommend it to my friends, because it's so good. Thank you, CactusVPN!
  • Alvina N
  • Gordon A
    Good service. Problems with streaming Sky Go whilst in Turkey, but generally happy with service. Back in UK now, will reinstate (1 month) next time we go out to Turkey which is likely to be in September
  • Mujtaba M
    I am in a country where the ISP's have zeroed out on VPN's (literally everything, blocked the protocols itself) but Cactus VPN is one that never disappoints. Lightening fast support and excellent methods to connect in on their service. Bit pricy but totally worth it.
  • Robson G
    I signed up for a free trial and had an issue with getting step and I submitted a support ticket and within a few minutes I got a reply to my support ticket and Cactus support helped me. The SmartDNS works perfectly! Highly recommended in Canada :)
  • Christopher C
    It is a great service

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