• RC J
    Cactus VPN serves purpose correctly. I recently subscribed to enable connection with a web site that was restricted in the US. Connection was perfect. Contents of the site were not available. Thank you
  • Seif L
    great service
  • doug h
    Cactus is just great service support is excelent
  • Rodriguez M
  • Nicholette H
    Have been pleased with the service and also customer service- quick resolution whenever there's been a problem. Now moved back to the UK from abroad I no longer need to use Cactus VPN.
  • Anonymous
    Great service!
  • Fredrick O
    Works....all the time
  • Eduardo A
    Awesome VPN service and great price. Thank you
  • Jack E
    Incredible service, highly recommended. 5/5 would use again if needed.
  • Anonymous
    Cactus VPN is great! very simple to use, the app killer feature is really helpful. I just don’t need a Vpn that often. I’ve maybe used it for 7 of the 30 days I’ve had it. If I need a VPN again, I’d definitely buy from Cactus VPN again.
  • Joshua Y
  • jeff s
    Great service. I just don't have any need for it at this time. When that changes I will be back! Thank you
  • Frederico C
    My experience in CactusVPN was amazing. I will resubscribe in the future, just because I'm going on vacations in May.
  • Dana Mihaela D
    Very good program but i dont neeed anymore, ty for help
  • Tom M
    Excellent service, several servers to connect to anonymously that allow for almost equally as fast browsing speeds to if you weren't using a VPN.
  • Andrew B
    Very good service exactly what I needed whilst living abroad
  • Harold M
    Excellent service which I was happy to take out for a third year.
  • Louise B
    very good service and very fast
  • Grzegorz G
    Everything fine. Got bigger package
  • Simo A
    Good service. I recomend. I had no problems with this VPN. It is really great
  • Adam K
    Very good service.
  • Anonymous
    Great service, great speed
  • Anonymous
    one of the best vpns ever..it bypassed my college firewall which normally other vpns cant
  • David R
    Excellent customer service
  • Craig B
    Reliable service with very good support on the two occasions I needed it. I canceled the service in the end, simply because I did not use it often enough to justify the cost.
  • Brian C
    it's brilliant
  • Donald B
    Easy to manage and operate.
  • Anonymous
    User of Smart DNS for 2-3 years. Status in Client Area always accurate and helpful. Issues affecting my usage have always been resolved in short timescales. Good communications via support ticket system. Would recommend as a supplier of DNS services.
  • alexander b
    Great working VPN.
  • Anonymous
    I have tried many VPNs and I can say that CactusVPN provides an excellent connection, stability and speed. Not to mention the useful features it has as App. Killer, SmartDNS and Proxy. Undoubtedly it is a great VPN that can be ranked in the top.
  • Luke S
  • Dena R
    We use this service every year when traveling. It is THE BEST! highly recommend!
  • Tim W
    Great service. Superb support.
  • Sher J
    I was extremely happy with this service. First time using a VPN service and found it simple to use and everything functioned perfectly. Will use again in the future.
  • k k
  • mac b
    Best VPN ever. Always stable connection and reliable support
  • R C
    Easy to use vpn with great data transfer speeds.
  • Timur A
    You are perfect company with perfect service!
  • Henk S
    I was very happy with your service. Also your support is realy very good. For now I don't need use vpn anymore. Thanks for support. Regards Henk Stortenbeker
  • Anonymous
    Happy with the service
  • Willem L
    A user friendly, good and reliable service.
  • Alp E
    I just needed VPN service for a month. In future we can still work together :) Regards,
  • Marcin C
    Really good service, and very easy to setup and use. It really made my stay in UK bearable ;)
  • Ian W
    this service has been very good, the only reason for cancelling is that I am going back to UK and no longer need the service.
  • Richard h
    Have to say, The Best support and service i have received from any of the services i pay for! I have been with Cactus for years now ( almost 5 years) they are prompt and well run, the smartdns works fantastically with all my devices (Firetv 3,pc's,tablets,nowtv box black and more) and the vpn works great when i want to remain annon. Keep up the great work !
  • Linda S
    I really was impressed with Cactus for my initial request, they were very prompt and accurate with the information I needed to access. I might consider down the road, but for right now I am satisfied. Thank you again for being there!
  • adrian c
    Worked very well and fast
  • Erin S
    Awesome product and easy to use!!!
  • Rade K
    I thing it was so nice expirience for me with your service!Cactus VPN is the best service!It was good for me to finish what I want but it s a problem becouse I need just 1 months and I dont like to paye always this service,just when I need.I will come beck when I need.Thank you.
  • Stella G
    Great customer service and a DNS that works

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