• Rick B
    Ive tried 3 month or more runs with 7 or 8 providers now... Cactus VPN caught my eye after reading some STRONG reviews, and signed up for afree trial. First hour had me impressed! Super fast response from the reps! Their software straight-forward, and they have several VPN options in excellent locations (you dont need 5000 locations) I have had VPN providers with literally 100's of servers all of the place, but so many of those were useless to me and ridiculously slow! I would have to search through dozens to find a good connection with the "Private" type providers.... Not an issue here, you have SSTP, Open VPN or whatever protocol you need -Encryption that is the same as the other services and the highest you can get for this purpose. Just a great all around service- I waited a couple of months ito my service with Cactus VPN before I wrote this one and not a single issue- No downtime- perfect!! Give it a shot- you wont be disappointed.
  • Juan A
    I went around and tried about 6 different VPN Provider. The reason I'm going with Cactus over any of the others is because of it's simplicity. The FAQ's are straight and to the point, the installation instructions are clear, and most importantly for me, the free trial was unrestricted so I really go to see it's full use before making my decision. Lastly, the prices are extremely reasonable! I'll definitely be signing up for an annual subscription here.
  • Jason C
    I was completely amazed at the level of service CactusVPN provided via their Live Chat customer service channel. My query was immediately addressed and the technician was able to resolve the issue. Clearly they have extremely able people working to keep the services up and running. Thank you CactusVPN really excellent service.
  • David H
    I found the CactusVPN interface to be easily operated, even for someone with little experience dealing with virtual networking. I was also impressed with the bandwidth I was able to achieve during cyber rush hour as I have a less than ideal internet provider. So long as I don't get any nasty e-mails from you know who, I will sign on the dotted line next week. Thank you kindly, Cacti. --D.Hasselhoth
  • aa b
    easy install easy setup and everything works perfectly. nice :)
  • zukkero f
    Works well!
  • Anonymous
    Awesome VPN! I have been using the Always-ON VPN feature on my phone, and when I need to use the VPN on my computer it works flawlessly. The only downside I have to say is that they could use a few more locations. But besides that, the experience is great! Purchased a full year, and the customer support responds within hours every time. Good job CactusVPN!
  • Lenny N
    great team im new to all this they have been there when I needed them and have helped me no end well done
  • Terrence A
    I live and work in Tirana Albania due to my employment. The Cactus VPN team was highly helpful during my connection issues with Amazon TV. I was really impressed when the Cactus IT staff themselves ran into the same dilemma as I was having here in Tirana. They were quick to give me other technical ideas of how I can successfully stream videos here in this European country. Awesome job!!!!!!
    We live in a place where free to air television is difficult to access, so Cactus VPN has been an invaluable resource for our internet needs. We have only had one issue with connection in the last year and the problem was remedied immediatly by the Cactus team. the data speed through the VPN s fast and reliable. Thankyou guys!
  • Anonymous
    Been using for a couple years now. No problems. Timely support. A very good service.
  • alex l
    Great service and from the UK, I have no issues to report. Easily set-up on DD-WRT and Tomato routers and easy to switch locations/servers. I run three, simultaneous VPN over Fibre Broadband to there countries with no perceivable degridation. I have used the Cactus Customer Chat facility a couple of times and had a speedy response on both occasions. I find Smart DNS works well (BBC iPlayer for example). The Web interface is easy to use and easy to amend or change ones subscription. Overall, service, price and flexibility, in my opinion, is good value
  • John J
    Has a problem with Amazon that was resolved in less than 20 minutes from the time I raised a support ticket. Superb service and the best value $5 you will ever spend. Excellent!
  • josh r
  • Jamie F
    Very happy with my trial period. Speeds are very good in fact its within 1 mb of my isp speed which means theres very little loss in speed while connected to the vpn. All other vpn's I have tried until now have lost between 3 and 10 mb speed while connected. The only negative is the shortness of the trial. I am currently trialling a service with a competitor service. The speeds aren't quite as good but the trial lasts 7 days. While I am likely to subscribe to your service I will wait till the end of this trial first.
  • paul s
    have been using Cactusvpn for a couple of years. did have issue with connection and the support i received was perfect. the guys had the time and patience to help be get back on track. great product and Team thanks Paul
  • Jo S
    I had a little payment problem when I first took out my subscription - inevitably these problems arise every now and then, but it's how businesses deal with them that sets the good ones apart, and Cactus dealt with my problem very swiftly, very professionally and very helpfully. The speed of the VPN is very good, and even someone like me with no technical knowledge at all had no trouble installing and using it. I'd recommend Cactus.
  • Micha R
    Had a bad connection and was about to close down my prescription. Cactus VPN gave me so great advice and everything is running smooth again.
  • Walter O
    I am not good at technical stuff and have needed to ask for Technical support several times recently. Cactus always reply quickly and give good customer support. Don't be afraid to ask a follow up question if the information provided is not complete. I can recommend Cactus both for their service and their reasonable prices. Wally O
  • Mark K
    Excellent connection stability and speed. Very competitive price. Fast customer service. I highly recommend CactusVPN
  • Gordon W
    I have been with CactusVpn now for a few years. I am a network professional but my girlfriend is just learning the ropes. For VPN's Cactus is as complicated as you want to make it. It's plug and play for the new users, and so configurable if you want to make your own options. I had an issue with the latest Microsoft Update Tuesday 14.06.16 as I'm sure some others did. TAP-Win64. A quick p.m. through client portal, couple of emails and the problem was resolved. 5 stars here.
  • Owen B
    Excellent service!
  • Laurens v
    Great service, would use again when needed.
  • Gabriel W
    Easy and reliable service.
  • Dillon S
    Excellent service
  • Austin D
    Cactus VPN was great during the time that i had it, connections would be made immediately and I never had a problem with them. Prices are also very fair
  • Kevin H
    worked great for what it was used for! would recommend
  • mathe n
    Fantastic service, I would recommend it to everyone!
  • David C
    Exceptional service, works as advertised and always available. CactusVPN suits all my needs in one package. Services are versatile and as an expat this is important in my frequent travels.
  • Billy S
    Best and cheapest vpn i have used for edge hill university, will be rebuying my uk package in moments to come
  • Alon P
    Great service , easy to use and actually works.
  • Desten C
    SmartDNS was everything I needed while I was stationed overseas.
  • Darren B
    I can't find any faults with CactusVPN, it just works. I've added the SmartDNS to my network so all my devices can use it and it's flawless. I've even configured my SmartTV so I can access UK apps on it, it really is extremely good value for money. Another great thing is the service - I had a question about a particular UK news site and the support was almost instant with excellent information, and very quick replies to my questions. I've recommended Cactus to a lot of people already - hands down the service I've used!
  • Adam H
    Cactusvpn is very easy to setup and use. Recommended and will use it if I ever need vpn services again.
  • Donald R
    I have been extremely happy with CactusVPN and will likely come back as a customer. -- Don
  • Mark G
    Always good VPN, no log policy, good support
  • Rick V
    Great VPN. Allows the use of many different locations, for various uses. I never used the DNS. I do recommend it.
  • Simon S
    Works great!
  • Gregory R
    Easy to use. Great speeds. Does proxy or vpn 10/10 VPN service
  • Lennart E. J
    Great and reliable service!
  • Enit G
    muy bueno! hice la prueba con el free trial y pude manejarme tranquila y sin inconvenientes. lo recomiendo
  • Robin R
    Works as advertised!
  • Chad V
    This is a well built platform and very easy to use.
  • Bruno S
    Great service
  • Jan J
    Great service. Works as described.
  • Jack F
    Quick set up
  • coventry c
    Well , thank you for the free test offer , it's the best way to evaluate a VPN . Cactus VPN is not bad at all , but need some improvements if you allow me. I encountered some discos, there is not enought servers , connection speed is good , and the price per year is too high is you compare it to a VPN provider who offer better prestations . Thank you anyway and good luck PS: Apologies for my pitiful english
  • Emily P
    Cactus vpn is great
  • Thomas M
    Excellent service. Cheap and cheerful.
  • Ed W
    I have been using various VPN providers over the last couple of years with mixed results and decided to research a new service. During my search I came across Cactus and was impressed that they offered a generous and totally free no ties trial - not just a watered down version, but the full service for both the VPN and Smart DNS Service. This speaks volumes to me, as Cactus are willing to stand by their product. I'm pretty computer savvy, but did have a few issues with the initial set up and opened a service ticket. Within in minutes, I had a response and assistance. It turned out that I needed to update my DD-WRT Router's Firmware, after which I was up and running. After several hours of extensive testing of both the VPN and DNS service, which BTW are the some of the quickest I've used, I decided to pull the trigger and subscribe to a monthly service. I think the outstanding customer service and a generous trial period made it a no brainer for me. They even helped me tweak stuff a bit :) The bottom line is: if you want a cost effective, efficient VPN/Smart DNS Service with outstanding customer service, then look no further, as Cactus fits the bill. Happy surfing. Ed

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