• roxy s
    Perfect and quick
  • drusso c
    Very good VPN
  • Bartosz B
    nice vpn
  • Jim W
    Had a great experience with support today, problems connecting to sites after a win 10 upgrade, within minutes they had me up and running again. This is a company that puts customers first no run arounds such as I have experienced with Apple and Microsoft in the past. I will definitely be renewing my subscription this year
  • AZ M
    I use Liberty VPN. Very satisfied with the service. Great application, very good speeds and low cost. I recommend CactusVPN!!!
  • Erik W
    great service! Easy to use and good price
  • Wayne M
    I have to say that I found Cactus VPN to be the best on the market and the fastest, even when using Open-VPN and watching movies. I have tried nearly all of the VPN services out there and this is honestly the best I have tried, and just recently they changed to no logs what so ever. I can watch all the sites I want without even using their great Smart-DSN. Cactus VPN is so easy to use and you have an application killer. It has a green task bar icon to let you know you are connected and has a friendly dashboard that puts you in control in an instant. Click on settings and you can change your protocols and ports. It has TCP and UDP and 4 ports to choose from. VPN protocols: SSTP OpenVPN L2TP and PPTP. I have had no connection problems and that depends a lot on your internet provider. I have found the service great and very helpful.They don't turn their backs on you until everything is fixed. On March the 25th on their facebook page they said this. "We have decided that not storing connection logs for our users is the way forward, so we are now a completely log free VPN Service! You are the best, and I have tried out 15 other VPN software.
  • Alejandro P
    Well, it has been good so far.
  • William S
    I tried EVERYTHING under the sun to get the results I needed for a very specific network issue I was having where I was located. CactusVPN solved every bit of that issues, instantly, and more easily than anything else could even attempt to do. I can not overstate how well this program works. If you are using something that isn't Cactus as we speak, YOU ARE WRONG! So simple to use, yet very customize-able. Do yourself a favor and give this a shot ASAP.
    Great service
  • Oscar M
  • Sang Jong Y
    This application is good and cheap. That is all and I liked it.
  • Bronte S
    good service.
  • Rin T
    Very good
  • Lyon P
    Good service!
  • Riaan V
    A BIG THANK YOU to the team at CactusVPN. Within a few ours of submitting my cancellation request, I was contacted by email and speedily taken step by step to fix my DNS setup issues. Everything is now working A okay. Thanks Again. Kind Regards R&R
  • Alex K
    Very good and Hassle Free.
  • Barbara E
    I am so glad I signed up with Cactus. Each time I have a problem, it is responded to straight away, and everything I don't understand is explained fairly simply through the tutorials. The result is being able to watch UK tv in Spain without any hitches. It's inexpensive and well administered, too.
  • Jessica L
    Fast and effective.
  • Brian M
    CactusVPN was very useful and easy to use.
  • John A
    Great customer support and service
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Very satisfied
  • Tiffany R
    I just started using it and it's alright. Amazon is slower, Dropbox is slow or inaccessible, and it did seem like my internet was slower, but that's possibly any VPN with my internet plan. Also, mobile disconnects you quite a bit, but reconnecting is quick and painless. I haven't noticed my data speed slowing either. I don't know much about proxie servers and some of my issues might be user error, so take this with a grain of salt I suppose. I'm keeping the service for now, because overall it seems pretty effective, especially for the price.
  • mark m
    A huge shout out to Joey in support! Over and above service. Top class!
  • Silvan X
    Great service, bets vpn out there
  • Paul H
    I've been using Cactus VPN's Smart DNS service for a little over a year. It has opened up a world viewing for me, as well as made me feel more secure when surfing the internet. Any problems that i have had have been solved instantly by their crack service team, who respond quickly and offer solutions and fixes for any problems that you might encounter. I really could not be happier with the service, and really feel that there is value perceived with their incredibly reasonable rates. I hope that others experience the great service and dedication that I have .
  • Denys P
    Both VPN and SmartDNS services worked well for me
  • Keith M
    Very happy with the Cactus VPN service, I use VPN and SmartDNS, both are very easy to use and set up and also easy to turn on and off by the average user. Also, very impressed with the service and response time when an issue arises. I often recommend Cactus VPN to my friends.
  • James J
    Yes Im happy with cactus Vpn
  • yuli k
    great service!
  • John S
    Where others have let us down and customer support has been lacking Cactus have provided us with all we require from a smart dns and helped us with the setup process when we ran into problems.
  • Matt T
    El servicio de CactusVPN es muy bueno, su velocidad es rápida no se tienen problemas a la hora de navegar por internet o descargar archivos vía torrent... Es muy bueno yo lo recomendaría sin dudarlo, sus precios son accesibles... Si tengo algo que decir para la mejora del servicio es que hay mucha filtración en los servidores DNS...
  • CARL I
    There is not a better Vpn out there just get it you want be sorry. Also there is not another company that can touch the HD SPEED OF THE SERVERS....
  • Myron T
    I am a very happy customer - the app is simple to use and works well. When I have had technical issues (eg after upgrade to Win 10) I got quick and excellent customer support service to fix the problem - brilliant customer service! :-)
  • Morten N
    Im very happy with the services CactusVPN provided, and if i ever need a VPN again. I will definitely come back to this website
  • Tanner B
  • Alan L
    Great service and great speed .
  • Carl S
    Excellent service and easy to use
  • Alexander W
    Good service
  • Conan H
    Great easy-to-use service and quick customer service
  • Bill D
    CactusVPN is very simple to install and use. And value for money. I've had no problems with it in the past year and a half. It feels good not to have my ISP out there when I'm on certain sites.
  • Miko B
    Thanks for great service!
  • jehnsen g
    Thanks for great service, I appreciate that!
  • john m
    Great product!
  • Jonathan H
    Excellent service. Not leaving just switching to annual subscription from monthly.
  • Diane L
    Very satisfied!!!
  • Andreas H
    Needed VPN to access our own network from the outside. Tried a few others, but landed on Cactus - great speed and great, simple, easy-to-use application made me a happy camper. Will definitely go to Cactus for my next VPN run.
  • Mareike W
    Awesome and super quick service at any point, definitely gonna recommend it!
  • Aaron K
    Great service! I had done a lot of research when choosing a VPN years back and Cactus met all of my needs at a terrific price (first signed up with the Valentines discount)! I loved it when I was using it but have changed interests and do not need a VPN anymore.

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