• yuli k
    great service!
  • John S
    Where others have let us down and customer support has been lacking Cactus have provided us with all we require from a smart dns and helped us with the setup process when we ran into problems.
  • Matt T
    El servicio de CactusVPN es muy bueno, su velocidad es rápida no se tienen problemas a la hora de navegar por internet o descargar archivos vía torrent... Es muy bueno yo lo recomendaría sin dudarlo, sus precios son accesibles... Si tengo algo que decir para la mejora del servicio es que hay mucha filtración en los servidores DNS...
  • CARL I
    There is not a better Vpn out there just get it you want be sorry. Also there is not another company that can touch the HD SPEED OF THE SERVERS....
  • Myron T
    I am a very happy customer - the app is simple to use and works well. When I have had technical issues (eg after upgrade to Win 10) I got quick and excellent customer support service to fix the problem - brilliant customer service! :-)
  • Morten N
    Im very happy with the services CactusVPN provided, and if i ever need a VPN again. I will definitely come back to this website
  • Tanner B
  • Alan L
    Great service and great speed .
  • Carl S
    Excellent service and easy to use
  • Alexander W
    Good service
  • Conan H
    Great easy-to-use service and quick customer service
  • Bill D
    CactusVPN is very simple to install and use. And value for money. I've had no problems with it in the past year and a half. It feels good not to have my ISP out there when I'm on certain sites.
  • Miko B
    Thanks for great service!
  • jehnsen g
    Thanks for great service, I appreciate that!
  • john m
    Great product!
  • Jonathan H
    Excellent service. Not leaving just switching to annual subscription from monthly.
  • Diane L
    Very satisfied!!!
  • Andreas H
    Needed VPN to access our own network from the outside. Tried a few others, but landed on Cactus - great speed and great, simple, easy-to-use application made me a happy camper. Will definitely go to Cactus for my next VPN run.
  • Mareike W
    Awesome and super quick service at any point, definitely gonna recommend it!
  • Aaron K
    Great service! I had done a lot of research when choosing a VPN years back and Cactus met all of my needs at a terrific price (first signed up with the Valentines discount)! I loved it when I was using it but have changed interests and do not need a VPN anymore.
  • Jure P
    It's a great software but I don't need it anymore. If I will need it I will sure be back with you guys.
  • Eren ?
    Its working on my school wifi.
  • Ben H
    This service has been consistent and well priced. The customer support has also been of high quality.
  • Satish A
    I have used CactusVPN for a week and I liked it a lot. It's simple, clean and easy to use. Unlike VPN if you use DNS services , there will be no lags . Internet speed doesn't affect . I am satisfied with the service.
  • Tyler S
    Very nice and works very well! Nice product
  • Mark G
    Great service, good speed. Thank you
  • Sidhartha S
    It was a great VPN service, never game me any trouble. Might use again one day.
  • carolyn p
    Have been impressed with quick response time to all my questions and or problems with cactus... they have solved all my issues and I'm very happy with the service, well done guys and thanks.
  • Kxxxxx K
    I've been very happy with the service. Good price and product.
  • Diego N
    Great service, very stable and reliable. Fast speeds and zero connection problems
  • Rick N
    Absolutely awesome service. Could not ask for more. Love it. Best choice I ever made.
  • Henk v
    Great package, cheap prices, love the timely response of the ticket system on the website too!
  • Mathew M
    Never had problems with this vpn only one working where I need it and the speed is great.
  • Tadeusz M
    Great service, never failed for last year of usage.
  • Rodr S
    Amazing service!
  • Volker B
    It works for Netflix.
  • Anthony G
    Very good service, fast internet unlike other VPNs
  • Anonymous
    I have had Cactus VPN for about 2 years and i have tried others and this is the one to beat. Not only is the software easy to use and reliable the customer service is what makes this the best VPN service out there. I went on vacation out of the country and used the smart dns feature and it worked for hulu and pandora plus more. it was great being able to access my accounts from abroad. I will continue to use this great service as it has been well worth it. They keep adding new servers and upgrading their software which means they are not a fly by night VPN service that might go out of business after you paid the annual fee. I am glad i found it.
  • Geoffrey S
    Great stuff! Did the job for me very easily!
  • Terrence D
    I am very happy with the service which in my case is Smart DNS.
  • Mario G
    Smart DNS has always worked and it's great. VPN has good speed but sometimes there are servers which are not available. When trying to connect at +80 Mbps speed, the VPN would lower that speed to 50-60 Mbps. I also saw new servers and added configurations/options for the VPN which is great.
  • Oliver K
    I really enjoy this VPN. It's cheap and easy to use.
  • Alejandro D
    Yes, very happy, fast and relliable.
  • Matt V
    This is a quality service, there are cheaper, and there may be better...but hard to beat this value.
  • Dawson V
    Yes i am happy with Cactusvpn.
    Excellent software .efkolo in installation, It has all the protocols. the speed test is quite good... the price of very good ... I am very hapy alll is ok sory for English !!!!
  • Karol G
    Im happy with this VPN as it contains many kinds of VPN and the ones I used (the most common ones) were very fast. Ive got support instantly after request which is a plus too Greetings
  • David S
    Happy with my smart dns service, and overall.
  • gabriel g
    Yes, I am happy with Cactus VPN services.
  • Nolan S
    You're simply not going to find a better vpn for the price they're offering, I've used quite a few different services over the month and cactus is as reliable with ping constantly around 50-60 regardless of the server I use. I would recommend for any

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