• Looul L.
    I love you CactusVPN, 100% no bug in internet. THE BEST I LOVE IT
  • James C.
    Been using CactusVPN for close to a month now and no real problems. Any time I have had a question and submitted a ticked that was marked as low priority the team got back to me quickly as if my questions where of high priority. I don't think I will be switching VPN servers any time soon. Thanks CactusVPN.
  • M. F.
    A+. High Speed. 24 hours of free trial. Best in the market with such a low price!!
  • andrew w.
    I've just completed a trial of the Cactus VPN service, and I'm pleased overall with the results, although I have one or two negative things to report. The good stuff: This was an easy service to set up, and to use. The instructions were 98% clear (Only one bit of confusion when it came to how to actually start up the service for the first time, but I figured that out) and there were a ton of options for each type of computer or device you might have. I did hit an obstacle when I tried to use it from my office which has it's own proxy server. That filters everything in and out of the office. But an email to Cactus's tech support very quickly pointed out the reasons, and some possible solutions. Excellent, helpful support. Top marks! Now the negatives, and I think they are relatively minor for most users: 1. The FAQ section is totally lacking in content. Seemingly, no one asks any questions! A comparison with other VPN sites will show the difference. Several questions I had, that required me to delve deep into the Terms and Conditions legal text to answer could have been much more easily handled with a couple of sensible questions and answers in the FAQs. 2. The service only supports single user/device access. While that's clear for the well-informed tech-geek in the audience, it's not clear to the rest of us. What it means is, this service is going to get really expensive for the average joe who has (at least) one computer, and probably two, and a smartphone. Each has to have it's own VPN service, or you have to configure your router (if it allows it, and if you're smart enough, and if everything goes well) to be the VPN handling device. No. That's not good enough these days. For me, that was a deal-killer. My wife and I have four computers and two smartphones between us, and we want all of them to be on the VPN, available at any time, without the need to turn one off and turn another one on. But for most people, this will not be a (major) problem. In short, great service and good support. But not for us.
  • david m.
    very happy with service, thanks, Great job guys.
  • John R.
    Have been using CactusVPN for just over two months and just renewed for a full year of the p2p service. All in all, once I'm connected and downloading the speed will max out my broadband ~23Mbps. However, if you go and start doing speed test you might not be happy. This particular service does NOT speed test well however, it does fill your bandwidth once you have a steady DL connection. They have gotten to my support tickets very quickly with helpful answers and always polite. I do not use their software. I use the manual setup for Win7 and it has worked perfectly, as I don't need the features of the software. Honestly, for the price it can't be beat!
  • Bill W.
    I needed a quick hand, being stationed overseas, and this is EXACTLY what the Doctor ordered! The setup is easy as long as you can read. It saved me many hours, and the price is right! I love the fact that i am able to use it on PC and iphone! Thanks for making this service available! Bill
  • Joshiua e.
    Awesome speed, highly recommended.
  • Pratik G.
    Well, i had some problem in installing an application which required the internet connection from other than my country. I was running short of time and then i had to use some VPN service. I first used VPN service from but the server was too busy to give me a trial account, so i switched to which actually solved my problem in no time. I found its service to be reliable and flexible enough. Well done CactusVPN!
  • Hedley B.
    I am a newcomer to using proxy or VPN services. My interest in having such a service related solely to being able to watch UK TV channels (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player) from where I live in France. I tried a number of providers who offered 'free''trials before subscription and one or two who offered a free service full stop. None of them worked very well, interruptions in sevice, slow connections etc etc. Then, by pure chance I came across CactusVPN. I looked at the package figures, which compared to others seemed (and are!) very reasonable and lacking restrictions. I downloaded the trial, followed the instructions and voila! I had a working VPN connection. Yes, my connection speed was reduced but I could still stream Utube, IPlayer worked and the connection was 'solid'. So, before the end of my trial I signed up for a monthly package. I'm delighted with Cactus VPN, still have to install it on my tablet but the set-up instruction all seem very clear so I don't see that as a 'problem. I still have to get to grips with losing my RealPlayer Download and Google Mail when I switch to VPN (Google thinks someone is trying to hack my account!) but I can cope with those irritations. And maybe I should use a proxy connection instead - which is an option unlike some other providers I looked at. I'd recommend CactusVPN top anyone - in my limited experience it's simply the best!
  • David C.
    its cool to use
  • Jinghun Y.
    CactusVPN is a stable VPN service privider. During about 2 months time I'm using the service for visiting blocked sites, it's providing a very fast network connection. When I watch videos on YouTube, I almost reach 100% of my bandwidth, so I don't have to wait for buffering to watch 1080p videos. The software's UI is clean and simple, it's very easy to use, even for a kid. I haven't encountered any problem so far. Good Work Guys!
  • john a.
    High quality service, very FAST and stable network, no problems experienced.
  • Daniel d.
  • James R.
    This actually makes my crappy 3g connection worth having. I am impressed, and very happy. I live in a remote area where 4g is not available and satellite is way too expensive for what little they offer so I have been stuck with an up and down connection. CactusVPN seems to stabilize my connection and I can actually voice chat with zero lag!
  • Anthony B.
    You guys rock, very very impressed
  • Tom Erik S.
    CactusVPN is fantastic! They have fast speeds, easy to use software, and, if there is ever a problem, their customer service is second to none! I will be using them for a very long time! Highly recommended!
  • Haji A.
    Hi Sir -------------- I understand a very important thing about Cactusvpn services,maybe its happen for you,in my country from these days block vpn services,pptp,l2tp but no SSTP,and Cactusvpn support these protocol in best you may want. unfortunately from my country i can't have perfect cactus services but if u can,don't wait. Thnaks for this opprtunity.
  • Jason T.
    Using Cactus after years of using free proxies really made me consider VPN as a viable option for daily usage. I used to use proxies only for sites which are blocked in my country since proxies are tremendously slow. With Cactus VPN im getting 90-95% of my bandwidth and im really pleased with that. Pros: Blazing fast speeds User-friendly UI Fast connection Great that they provide 24hrs trial for first time users Cons: -Price structure. (have to purchase servers in different countries separately) -Not the cheapest option for VPN client In conclusion Cactus VPN is a great place to start especially with its user friendly user interface and great service. More techy customers will be able to find cheaper elsewhere but lose out on the simplicity of Cactus.
  • .
    Right from the start of using the 24hr trial - Cactus worked perfectly. The set up was just so easy - even my grandmother could do it! What's important is - I know the anonymous IP address works, as when I sign into my Gmail account on-line it asks "you seem to be in a different location in the world - can you confirm this?" - that's all the proof I need to know everything is working perfectly. I registered for a full year as the price is also good and compares well to other VPN suppliers.
  • Elavarasan S.
    I am very happy with Cactus VPN service and customer support. I am using boxee box and almost all the VPN service including "Cactus VPN" has frequent disconnection. I know its a boxee box problem but I tested Cactus VPN trail service and I am very happy with the speed and also the boxee box disconnection happens only after an hour or two. So, I decided to cancel my STRONG VPN service which they charge 7$/month or 55$/year but Cactus VPN provides me the same with either 5$/month or 39$/year. So, I happily subscribed for the 1 year package. I am also very happy with customer support which they will reply your query in an hour or two. I strongly recommend this service for anyone. I am rating 5 star :)
  • Arturs I.
    Very good VPN service thanks
  • Daniel T.
    I've only been a customer for a couple days, but I was smitten my the options available to me during my 24 hr Free user period. I went for the maximum bundle which allows me to connect 6 devices (2 servers over 3 countries) and use the proxy feature on as many devises as I have... outstanding! First off... awesome customer service. The customer service response times to my questions/concerns have been equally as fast and helpful whether I was a paying customer or the 24- hr Free user. My quickest response as a free user was under 20 minutes! Secondly, the manual VPN's I configured for my Android and "test PC" worked instantly. Did you know Amazon gives a free android app away every day to US citizens? :) So why score 1/5? The next morning after setting up my win8 "test PC", the manual VPN was disconnected. Maybe a windows thing or a manual configuration thing, not sure. Customer support informed me that If I used the client software that it could be set to redial the VPN and even be set to close applications that I only wanted connecting over VPN. I thought this sounded great, deleted my manual VPN and installed the client. Here is the issue with the client available today. The client creates a "windows" VPN connection (just like you would create a manual one) for each of the PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP options. I inspected the options they used and they all have the "Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)" option selected. Not a super privacy feature to be tossing your windows credentials around!! o.O I tried unchecking the option, reset the VPN connection, and found that the client put the option back. Until the client is fixed, I am avoiding the PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP options. Using the OpenVPN option doesn't create a "windows" VPN connection and is verbose enough in the log that I can see it is using my cactusVPN credentials and not my windows credentials. Maybe I am crossing my fingers here; I'm hoping not. Hopefully I can revisit my review and edit it after they have fixed the client, but it was a big enough issue to me to want to write this review ASAP as a bit of a "warning shot with a work-around" for everyone else. CactusVPN's comment: There is indeed this issue on Windows 8 only. But this option does not affect security as this is not sending your username or password to our login servers. Anyway, in the next release we'll fix this bug
  • Miguel S.
    Well I just finished my trial period of Cactus VPN.... this is my experience... I started using it around 7:20pm eastern time , by next morning I could not connect , so i sent an email to Cactus explaining that they had cut me off to early, and within minutes i had received a work ticket... i soon realized that the reason i could not connect was due to my own mistake, and i sent a new email letting Cactus know i had service, sorry, it was my mistake... not only was the service superb to other VPN services i have tried like , BT Guard, TorGuard and OpenVPN, their response to my email as a trail customer really impressed me, the speed I was getting on my downloads and games was outstanding to say the least..... not only was their service exceptional , but they extended my free trial to another 24hr period.... who would not want to use this service , it's beyond me .... I read the reviews for Cactus on the site: VPNREVIEWS.COM AND THEY RE CURRENTLY RANKED 3RD ..... not bad for a up and new coming company..... I'm definitely establishing my account with Cactus VPN service as soon as I finish posting this review.... And just to add , for those of U worried about connecting to servers available..... no problem whatsoever , no waiting , no downtime, no lost connection... SUPERB SERVICE.... 5STAR RATING Miguel
  • ayman t.
    I have tested CactusVPN among other similar services for a couple months until I found out that CactusVPN really stands out of the crowd, so I asked them to change my payment cycle from one month to six months. I'm a happy customer. Thank you CactusVPN.
  • Thomas W.
    The configuration procedure whas explained in a way that also I as a novice user was able to manage it. So far it worked really well. Still trying to find out what suits best for me. Perhaps I will return.
  • Leon M.
    OMG!!!! THis software is amazing!!! i live in SA, we are very restricted this software opens up everything!!! Thank you for this 1 day free trail!!! Wish I could Upgrade!!
  • Randy Y.
    CactusVPN is the best VPN Service I have tried thus far. The price is very low and connection speed extremely fast. And most other vpns I have tried, the only option they offer is configuring on your own ( which is garbage, because if you want different connections like CactusVPN offers, you will have to setup 6,7 times for dif connections) whereas CactusVPN gives you a software, you download and install, takes me 15 seconds TOTAL, start the software, which is very easy to use, enter user and pass, and set remember, and start at startup, then you are all done. I have to mention how fast it is when you use the software to connect to their VPN, and takes 3seconds to change from one connection to the other, unlike any other, which takes sometimes up to 30 seconds and offer only one connection for higher price than CactusVPN. I strongly recommend CactusVPN, and take the advantage of CHRISTMAS offer.
  • Brad k.
    If you are like me you will read theses reviews and think they are just lie's the company says to get more buyers. But i gave it a shot, tried it out using the trial and was instantly hooked. Bought it the next day.I can get up too 4 MB/s on the torrent accounts and they keep no logs. So no need to worry.
  • Rodrigo P.
    Excellent VPN service for Europe users, with p2p Netherlands server, easy startup process and 24-hour Trial.
  • Joe H.
    If you only need about 25% of your actual connection speed then this product will suit your needs. However I prefer a bit more out of my VPN Connection and can get a slightly better speed from another free service. Popups are the only issue with the free service.
  • MOHAN M.
    It is the best VPN service out there.
  • Ammar A.
    - Fast and reliable. - The user interface in the website is nicely done. - The price is just right t for what you get
  • ET L.
    Tried the 24 hour trial offer. The PPTP seems working fine. Unfortunately, my attempts on L2TP/IPSec is always very brief and disconnected. Tech Support reply on L2TP/IPSec: I do not think this is a router problem, this may be OS problem. Sometimes ISP cut the encrypted traffic or drop AES encrypted traffic this why L2TP connection may drop. You can try also OpenVPN connections it's more secured than L2TP/IPSec. Best regards, CactusVPN Don't think it addressed my issue with L2TP/IPSec. Does not give me the confidence to try OpenVPN either, as my 24 hours trial had expired. Offer me an extended trial, then I'll could give a better review if OpenVPN is a better alternative. I'm aware that performance suffers with more encryption.
  • John C.
    I had the chance to tryout this VPN service for 24 hours. this is a excellent VPN service. I was able to try everything with full access for the period of the trial. Therefore I was able to test out all of the protocols and different setups they offer. I found the speed of the connection to be very fast and stable, was surfing the net sending and reseving email just as I normally do there was no noticeable change in internet speed or in uploade or download speed. I especially liked there proxy option with it you could set up a normal proxy in your browser wich offered better speed for sites like youtube. however as I stated above i saw no reall change in speed and was able to use streaming audio and vidio even without the proxy. there plans are not overly expensive , the only thing I did not like was how few locations they have in the U.S.s and U.K. However despite that I still think the service is very good, and its a good VPn solution for anyone looking to keep there on-line privacy private , or looking for a simple way to stay safe wile using public wi-fi hotspots .
  • David H.
    There aren't many VPN services to offer a free unconditional trial and it was so easy to set up and worked very well for my needs. So an easy decision to then purchase CactusVPN's good value service. Thoroughly recommended!
  • cassie g.
    Although the service was good for watching shows that have already been uploaded. It is not good for watching live shows, which was the reason I got the trial, and was hoping to purchase
  • Chal A.
    I've tried trial version, It was working great in KSA. I'd like to order sometime
  • peidong x.
    friendly useful
  • Paulo G.
    It is fast and easy to setup. I had some connection problems, but i think i was a defect on my network
  • jhon c.
    thanks excellent product
  • Skizoid G.
    this VPN is very good, make my internet speed and download more fast
  • David H.
    I was lucky to win 3 month of Cactus VPN. :) There for i would like to thank you guys a lot :) What i have been using Cactus VPN, for the most has been youtubing and downloading, 'cause my ISP thorlle a lot, most with youtube. But i had to try downloading too, else i could not make the review. The speed on the server is great, i have a 20/20 connection, and i can download nearly as fast as my normal connection. The site look very professioniel, and the prices is really great. If i were to have a paid VPN in the future, i would diffently choose Cactus VPN. David.
  • Nigel K.
    I found the service to be very good. Even though torrents were only allowed on one server they were still very fast. I do feel that right now the price was a little high for only 3 servers compared to HMA and all the servers they offer around the world with no prox restrictions.on any of them. Also right now the price they offer is almost $20 cheaper. :( I will consider cactus when I need to renew my prox service.
  • kosim s.
    Yes! I'm so lucky has been chosen to use this VPN free version for 24hrs. Overall my review is so satisfied with this.. super fast connection, connecting time not take very long time.
  • Toni M.
    Some time ago I used CactusVpn just for fun because there are only a few servers that can be used but now I started thinking about it again. I think that's all I can give thanks.
  • Shotor K.
    Looking out for providers Best VPN Servers in the business There is a widespread competition in the market regarding the VPN servers being offered by various VPN service providers. The best way to choose from among them is to evaluate their performance on the basis of varied criterion such as: • Speed • Support for VPN Protocol, OS support, and preferred device • Cost of various VPN plans • Availability of servers in the desired location • Browser compatibility • Provision of static or dynamic IP addresses as per your liking • Payment options and so on. It is quite obvious that you cannot evaluate them all since prior to testing them, you would require to pay for their services. But You can test Cactus VPN(I love it) with free trial,no limit,super speed AND maybe win free account. I am so lucky for choose One of best(Means bestest) VPN Providers.test it ,then say me ….
  • shahansad k.
    awesome service. Good speed and stable connection. Customer service is very very good. They responded promptly and was very quick to solve the problem i had.
  • Jhon Carlos M.
    gracias, excelente
  • Yang L.
    CactusVPN is a very good VPN. The VPN Servers of CactusVPN locate in Amsterdam Netherlands, in London United Kingdom and in Wilmington United States. CactusVPN supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and HTTP Proxy. The quality of CactusVPN is excellent and the price of CactusVPN is reasonable. The speed of CactusVPN Servers is very fast. Here is the speed test result of the US server: Here is the speed test result of the UK Server: Here is the speed test result of the NL Server: The price of US VPN is only $4.99 per month. CactusVPN provide detailed VPN setup tutorials and proxy setup tutorials. CactusVPN can ensure our security when we trade online. If you live in Iran, CactusVPN can help you access Facebook and Twitter in Iran. I recommend CactusVPN service to everyone.