• Ben W
    Very happy for over a year. Unfortunatly connection dropped occassionaly recently.
  • john s
    Dear support, Your vpn trial experience was nice and smooth however i would encourage your company to gather more servers! your server is too minimal even the USA contains just 3 location talk even less of other countries! This achievement would give you competitive strength with other vpn service providers like HMA, MAINVPN E.T.C Just what i think. stay in business all the best Cheers
  • Philippe P
    Seemed great. Just didn't have what I wanted.
  • Joseph E
    was fine, just not what i needed i shopuld of researched better
  • paulo c
    I used this service for a year and it worked marvelously! It worked even when my own ISP's DNS wasn't working so it was really helpful in some occasions.
  • Mihovil H
    Good service, loved using it, will be sure to use it again later on. 10/10
  • Bryan D
    Good service, simple and fast.
  • Mia M
    Great product and lovely service. Only thing would be if there was a way to still access sites in your home country if you can't afford to pay the bill for a fortnight. Will be re-instated once we have all our cards and bills sorted.
  • john g
    Cactus was my first vpn 5 years ago and the service was good with no complaints. I had trouble getting a real high stream that was continuous for watching pro hockey, so i went through 3 other vpn services until i got to a competitor with throughput to accomodate that. However with time and experience the service was unsatisfactory with disconnects all the time. As well the customer service was a complete failure. The vpn software had a client html interface that didn't even work to access account information, make changes to contact information etc. That was a slap in the face and didn't realize it didn't work until i needed it. I emailed from their website and in a matter of 5 days was shuffled through(i think) 7 customer reps and still got no service.... that was it. Just Another Uncaring Incompetent Bureaucratic Corp, which seems to be the norm... So, i went to check out a new vpn service. Went to 2 of them with 24 hour free tests: manual network installs... both failed. 1 froze my computer and on the second try(being computer savvy)... blue screened me! And they deserve the credit... SaferVPN...what an ironic name! Then the other vpn trial, with easy to follow pictoral instructions, o/s specific, failed with the network setup too. I had read some VPN review websites and they are obviously written by VPN companies. If you read the way the critiques are structured, most of them are obviously written by VPN companies themselves. So, i went back to CactusVPN and took on the 24 hour test. I did my testing which included data rates at off peak hours and middle of the day hours. I went to the website and emailed a service request stating it was a test for response time. Immediate email showed up. I questioned them and emailed them back and forth for about 6 email/replies and every time was answered with technically informed responses immediately. They made a speed claim which i challenged them on and had to relent to the response i received. It's not much money for a VPN service, but you want to be confident in your choice because this is about privacy and confidentiality and the software and service has to meet the needs. Bottom line about the service: 1 Customer service is prompt and excellent 2 Installation is software based automatic and quick and easy 3 Connection time to servers is fast 4 Data transfer speed of service is good 5 Software includes an application "kill switch" Effectively, an internet kill switch for active programs that you choose. The software also will restart(execute) that specified program when Cactus Server Connection is re-established 6 P2P Netherlands servers available 7 All the protocol communications are available, my testing was exclusively OPENVPN Simple software, Friendly fast customer service. I recommend this service. Good Job Cactus, you should be proud of a fine company.
  • George T
    Brilliant Service. Brilliant desktop app. So easy to use and so fast. Thank you for the service.
  • Igor Z
    It is a good service, no problems
  • adrian m
    very good service
  • George G
    not bad but does not satisfy my needs
  • dan t
    overall was really quite good. dl speeds on p2p networks seemed good. things to work on: clean up the ui of the connection app [was a little buggy looking in win10] offer bitcoin as payment method. this is the main thing that kept me from purchasing.
  • Martin B
    The best VPN that we have used.
  • Alex R
    the service is great, i just don't need it anymore. I'll be sure to return if i need a DNS server
  • Alexander V
    The prices are acceptable for the speed and quality.
  • Daniel B
    great service, would recomend
  • Karan S
    Great service. Competitively priced.
  • Tom S
    Yes very - would recommend in a heart beat
  • Vinicius S
    Very nice service.
  • Steven M
    Sadly I am moving on and will have other services provided for me having said that _ You are the Best VPN out there hands down, all the others are absolute rubbish and you should be very proud of your product albeit as you can see I will always leave _ positive feedback for a product when it far exceeds its description _ Who knows I may be back one day, at least you will have me on your data base for future reference Regards
  • Ric G
    This is a very solid product for Mac OS. It plays nicely with manual network settings and the included Mac GUI application is solid and sophisticated, unlike those of some other VPN solutions for the Mac. Documentation is very good. There's no noticeable lag or latency with VPN enabled. I was interested primarily in VPN, but Smart DNS was a very nice add-on for the price. I've found the performance to be very good. Even checking out some foreign broadcasts using Smart DNS provided streaming that was nearly stutter free. (Of course, general web browsing isn't quite as snappy if you're connected to a DNS gateway that's half a world away.) I purchased a year's subscription even before my trial expired. I'd say Mac users should really give Cactus a try.
  • bejo k
    I love cactus
  • allan b
    apart from the strange credit card registering, which is a different to normal, but can see there reason on security, the service and help was fantastic and prompt answers, nice to see good service keep up the good work
  • Anthony E
    The Smart DNS package works perfectly, No problem at all, no speed loss, Perfect. I just upgraded my package to include VPN which is very good indeed so far. The most important part of the Cactus product is the first class support, any problems are answered very quickly. I Highly Recommend Cactus A++++
  • Randall J
    Performed as advertised and expected. Relatively easy set up. i ordered the 12 month package.
  • Vic P
    Relatively simple to set-up and use. Good backup support from its help desk. Have had no issues to date and opens nominated sites for streaming. Price is comparative to other VPNs though has benefit of no logs so users can't be tracked. Look forward to using, currently subscibed to service, after free trial.
  • Abdurahman S
    Why i recommend Cactus : -Easy to Use -Support even though i am difficult :D -I can depend on the support so i am confident to Recommend it . -It is easy to navigate the site unlike a competitor i tried -easy to use application -Perfect for Netflix with speed -Works well on Mobile networks ... TWO Thumbs up from me. I will keep referring and using ,please keep up the great support and work . Thank you Team CACTUS
  • Jacques L
    Extremely happy with the service. Setup was a breeze on the Mikrotik router. Speed is amazing. I'm an expat temporarily in Europe and I need to access services from the US. Cactus is simply perfect ...
  • Jenny H
    Liked the service so much paid up before the trial ended :) Customer Support where awesome with helping to solve a small signup issue :)
  • Gabriel F
    I'm really happy and satisfied with CactusVPN, it's fast and it works (for an incredible price)! The best VPN I've ever used, and they have a fast support! Really great!
  • Dave O
    The VPN and DNS service is excellent. Customer support however is via email only. So, while competent, it is very slow. You ask a question........ they reply with a question.......... thus days go by. Other providers offer 24 hour chat support. If you need help this may be a problem. On the other hand the software is also very good.
  • John P
    Really happy with CactusVPN. I was looking for a provider with a decent VPN that also offered SmartDNS and believe me, there aren't too many out there that do both well. Most providers focus on VPN or SmartDNS, whereas Cactus are very strong on both. Speeds over the VPN are impressive considering the encryption process and whenever I've contacted their Support Team, responses have been quick and useful. Their website is also very easy to navigate with an excellent Blog and Support section. Overall, one of the best decisions I've made for a long time! The only thing I would like to see is SoftEther integrated into their otherwise excellent VPN client.
  • Wes S
    Fast and effective!
  • don g
    Well structured lean and mobile friendly website. Nice user interface, very easy to setup your preferences. SmartDNS works as expected. VPN connections to Europe are a bit slow compaired to other service providers.
  • Peter S
    We have used their Smart DNS service for some time now and have found them faultless. If you are looking for a fast reliable service of this type then i recommend using Cactus. I live in the USA, but watch UK tv, brilliant! I have no connection or affiliation with this company, but these days its hard to find a company that do exactly what they say they will do. Recommended 5 stars. Peter
  • Dagur A
    Solid as a rock
  • Shaun C
    Amazing customer service!!! Immediate phone call and problem solved.
  • Morgan L
    Extremely happy with CactusVPN. They have ensured my privacy online, and I am happy with the connection I get - I use SoftEther and it never drops! Highly recommended!
  • Nicholas N
    Good interface that's easy to navigate with lots of features ! Tried the vpn and it tested good ! Tried the smart dns with my samsung smart tv and tested c5, bbc & itv player which worked ok despite c5 not actually being officially supported on the samsung tv. Still weighing up my options but cactus is looking good against the rest so far as they offer the combined dns & vpn package at a reasonable price.
  • Josh H
    I've been using CactusVPN for close to 6 months now. I'm definitely satisfied and honestly surprised that a company is able to meet all of my expectations. Normally there is a catch, however, the service is awesome and fast, the VPN and software are extremely functional, easy-to-use and fast. I couldn't fault this company whatsoever and have enjoyed the service greatly. Thanks, CactusVPN. I've loved being a customer so far.
  • Meir A
    Cactus VPN is just perfect. The connection even for video streaming doesn't drop like on most other VPN services out there. I strongly recommend this product for better privacy online or US related content like Netflix.
  • Desbah D
    Loved this VPN! Works great and worth paying for. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a VPN.
  • Heather C
    This definitely worked better for me than other VPNs, but there were some drawbacks. I could only get an SSTP connection going (none of the others offered worked), and the UK and Netherlands servers wouldn't connect at all. Once I was connected to a Romanian server, there was a noticeable slowdown in my connection speed (I normally download at 2Mbps, and with CactusVPN active, I couldn't get a speed over 139kbps- and sadly, it averaged about 14kbps overall). It also spontaneously disconnected a couple times and had to be restarted. Each disconnect threw my browser and instant messenger for a loop for a few minutes. However, it maintained a mostly stable connection for most of the time, and when I was browsing, rather than downloading, the speed issue wasn't really noticeable. And the freedom and relief I felt at being able to browse and download in total privacy was incredible. 7/10, definitely a great service, even if it isn't the best.
  • Lawrence W
    I had the free trial for the DNS service. I throughly enjoyed the service as it unlocked the media sites as promised. Unfortunately Netflix couldn't work on my Samsung Smart TVs. Your customer service was very kind enough to provide some DNS addresses but to no avail. It seems to me that the bug lies with Netflix. Well I am enjoying the rest of the media sites like Amazon and Hulu Plus. Thank you for the trial and I am happy to continue with the service.
  • Ekaterina B
    VPN working very good, connection is very fast and good quality, easy to install and connect!
  • James H
    We have used Cactus Smart DNS for 2 years and highly recommend it. As UK expats in Spain streaming TV and downloading films it works very well and the customer service has been excellent. Many Thanks Cactus VPN
  • black r
    i like it very much. it's just it does not have any india server
  • Ruth c
    Before finding cactus VPN, I had previously tried 3 other very large American VPN services, all of which failed to provide a satisfactory service. I came upon cactus and decided to give them a shot. I've been using cactus VPN for almost 6 months and contracts up for renewal very soon. I certainly will be renewing the service. It even worked when I travelled to Australia. I recommend cactus VPN. IT WORKS