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How can you unblock Geo-Restricted Content?

Unblock Geo-Restricted Content
You might want to watch House of Cards on Netflix or Vikings on Hulu when you are not in the USA, but you cannot do that without using services like VPN to unblock geo-restricted content. Before we talk about those methods, let clear the concept of geo-restricted content.

What is geo-restricted content?

Geo-restricted contents refer to websites and services that are only available for certain region. For example Pandora Internet Radio which is a well known music streaming service, is only available in several countries and not accessible in all the rest.

Let’s see how you can access geo-restricted contents.


VPN is the most popular method to unblock geo-restricted contents because it is easy to set up and more importantly because it supports a wide range of platforms and devices. VPNs are available all over the globe and you can access almost any online available contents by using a VPN server in any country. For example if a particular website or service is only available in Spain then you can use a VPN server from Spain and access those contents. Another advantage that VPNs offer is web traffic encryption, which means you don’t have to worry about authorities snooping around.

Want to access geo-restricted content?

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Smart DNS

Smart DNS is an alternative of VPN connection because of its high performance and ability to allow users to access geo restricted contents but unlike VPN, Smart DNS does not hide the IP address of the user and it doesn’t encrypt the web traffic. That means Smart DNS is not made for anonymous surfing but it is exclusively designed and built for accessing geo restricted contents. Smart DNS actually make the server think that you are allowed to access those contents even if it does not change your IP and most of the traffic goes directly to you, with no additional hops. That makes Smart DNS the fastest (in the term of internet speed) way to unblock geo-restricted content. Also Smart DNS is even more adaptive than VPN as you can set up it on almost any device that allows you to change IPs and DNS, and that is possible on any device that can connect to Internet.


A Proxy, proxy server and web proxy refer to the same thing; a proxy is like a middleman that you can use to access things that you are not allowed to. While using a proxy server, when you send a request to access a web page, that requests goes to the proxy server that sends that request to the actual server on its behalf. The proxy server then receives that information and sends it to you. Unlike VPNs, proxy servers do not encrypt your data that means you get a higher speed while accessing audio and video contents.


The Onion Router aka TOR also allows users to access geo restricted contents but this particular method is not recommended for this particular purpose as TOR reduces the overall performance and speed. As the name suggests, TOR consists of different layers and each of the layer encrypts the data packet during the process. TOR encrypts yours web traffic and makes your anonymous on the internet. The biggest disadvantage of TOR is that it is relatively newer and does not have support for all major platforms.

Bottom Line

All of the above mentioned methods are used to access geo-restricted contents and each of them comes with a different set of advantages and disadvantages that you need to weight down according to your preferences and needs.

Want to access geo-restricted content?

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