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SoftEther VPN protocol on all servers

SoftEther VPN Protocol

CactusVPN has added support of SoftEther VPN technology on all our VPN servers. With the introduction of SoftEther, the technologists at CactusVPN continue to push the limits to provide its clients the widest and most comprehensive options in secure VPN communications.

Previously there were 4 VPN protocols to choose from when looking at VPN providers – L2TP, PPTP, SSTP and OpenVPN but a little while ago, after the result of over 10 years work from a select few at Tsukuba University in Japan, SoftEther was born and is set to explode in popularity.

What is SoftEther VPN Protocol?

SoftEther VPN protocol is an open source SSL/TLS alternative to OpenVPN and also the SSTP VPN protocol from Microsoft. It offers very high-speed and low-latency client access with low processor overhead. The VPN tunnels that are created by the SoftEther are highly secure so that there is very little risk of information becoming vulnerable. The main advantages of the SoftEther VPN protocol are the high speed and a new level of security.

SoftEther Compared to Other VPN Protocols

In regards to speed when comparing to OpenVPN, SoftEther completely destroys it. The throughput for SoftEther is over 900 mbps whereas OpenVPN when compared is stuck with a seemingly archaic sub 100 mbps speed. This will make it feel like you are using a direct internet connection.

So you may be thinking that surely this protocol falls over at security? Well in fact it uses the same as OpenVPN; SSL with AES 256 bit key certificate and 256-bit AES meaning your privacy will remain intact.

Furthermore it is easy to get set up with SoftEther there is no messing about with difficult to use software. You just download the SoftEther VPN client software and in the configuration page enter all relevant information, it’s that simple.

When would you want to use SoftEther VPN protocol?

  • Bypass firewall restrictions.If you are trying to access content from a firewall protected network connection. This is especially useful for people who want to utilize the network away from the office at home or by using various mobile devices including phones and tablets. If there is a firewall that operates with deep packet inspection, the firewall will not be able to monitor the transport packets from the SofEther VPN tunnel thanks to the fact that SoftEther utilizes Ethernet over HTTPS.
  • Protect yourself on public Wi-Fi. If you are using the internet via an unsecured connection, you should use SoftEther protocol to protect what you are working on. SoftEther protocol also offers AES and RSA encryption, performance at a very high rate of speed and also NAT-transversal capabilities and dynamic-DNS capabilities.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions. By using the SoftEther VPN protocol, you can gain access to content that is typically restricted to IP addresses from certain countries. If you utilize this protocol, it will appear that you are located in that country and then you will be able to access the content you wish to see.

How Can I Use SoftEther protocol?

The SoftEther protocol is supported by the majority of the latest operating systems. However, it is best to use this protocol if you are using Windows with easy to install and use software client.

CactusVPN has full support for SoftEther protocol and you can use it as a way to connect to our VPN services easily and securely. The new protocol is available only for Windows users at the moment. Please follow our SoftEther setup tutorial to set it up.

Bottom Line

The beauty of SoftEther is due to its age and origins it should routinely become more refined as the developers work out all the kinks in their protocol. OpenVPN is 12 years old now and has stagnated a little bit in terms of innovation and I expect SoftEther to take its place as it showcases how it trumps its competitor in almost every aspect.

With SoftEther’s amazing speeds and tight encryption, I don’t see any reason to not give it a go and enjoy the freedom of a VPN with the speed of a direct internet connection.

We encourage you to test this brand new technology for free. No credit card required, unlimited traffic, free trial for 24 hours.

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