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Most Free Android VPN apps proven to be malicious

Dear friends. There’s a serious and troubling topic we want to approach in this article. It seems that, until recently, a lot of VPN users were tricked in to use malicious Android VPN apps. This matter is even more concerning as it puts a bad reputation to VPN services in general, even though many of them deliver quality services. The good news is that CactusVPN, will stand by you, like always, with reliable services that you can definitely trust. And that’s why we think it’s important to tell you more about this scandal and to clear things out in the name of our well deserved good reputation.

Malicious Android VPN apps turned from protector into attacker

It all started with a study made by CSIRO’s Data 61, University of New South Wales and UC Berkley which clearly stated that hundreds of Android VPN apps were showing important security threats like malware, spyware, adware and data leaks. And we’re not talking about obscure, unknown apps either. Even the ones with high ranking were put on the blacklist. The report reveals shocking numbers:

“While 37% of the analyzed VPN apps have more than 500K installs and 25% of them receive at least a 4-star rating, over 38% of them contain some malware presence according to VirusTotal.”

Data 61

After 283 Android Apps were examined the researchers discovered the following threats: Adware (43%), Trojan (29%), Malvertising (17%), Riskware (6%) and Spyware (5%). Also, “18% of the VPN apps implement tunneling protocols without encryption despite promising online anonymity and security to their users”.

Millions tricked

Unfortunately all these apps and many others gathered millions of trusting users.

“According to the number of installs of these apps, millions of users appear to trust VPN apps despite their potential maliciousness. In fact, the high presence of malware activity in VPN apps that our analysis has revealed is worrisome given the ability that these apps already have to inspect and analyze all user’s traffic with the VPN permission.”

Data 61

CactusVPN deserves your trust

Although we have always implemented the most performant security protocols into our Android VPN app, we felt that yet another security check was necessary in order to make sure that our services are top notch and deliver, at full potential, all the features you need for a private and safe browsing. As expected, our tests showed perfect results. So, if you need a bulletproof solution for protecting your online activity, CactusVPN Android VPN app is here for you. We assure all our present and future clients that we take very seriously the mission of protecting their online privacy and giving access to free, unrestricted Internet. Without any mistakes or compromises.

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